3 Reasons Your Business Might Need A Private Investigator

Private Investigators are often thought of as shady TV characters from dramatic crime and investigation films. However, the reality of the job is quite different from what most of us might tend to assume. 

These investigation professionals can help individuals and businesses by uncovering valuable information. In many cases, a Private Investigator will be able to find details and information that would be very difficult to find otherwise. And they can go places and make observations that it would be nigh on impossible to manage without the surveillance skills that a good PI will have. Many Private Investigators have security service backgrounds and many of them work closely with the Police and security services. 

Businesses use these services all the time, but it’s not a part of the job that they are likely to brag about. To find a PI service near you, Google as ever is your friend. Type ‘Private Investigator’ and the name of your town or city, eg. private investigator, Birmingham, and then shortlist the most promising firms to follow up. When you hire a PI firm you will want to ask for experience, qualifications, examples of their work, and references. A good rapport with the PI who will be working on your case is also important. 

Here are three common situations where as a business you may want to consider engaging a Private Investigator.

Conduct Detailed Background Checks

It may seem like a relatively uncomplicated task, but conducting a background check is not the easiest thing to do, as most of us aren’t sure where a background check would even start. Private Investigators are highly skilled in this area. 

Background checks are important when screening new employees. Recruiting new employees can be pretty tricky, and employing individuals with criminal backgrounds or other sketchy details could harm your company’s reputation. If the employee is in a position or trust or responsibility you also need to be sure that they can be relied upon. For those reasons, background checks may be a vital component of the recruitment process.

Business Acquisitions

In the event that you plan to purchase a rival business, you’ll definitely want to take as many extra precautions as possible during the process; you won’t want any surprises to set you off track.

Hiring a private investigator can be a wise move in this case, as you can request a business due diligence report, which will provide you with invaluable info. You can use this information to negotiate a purchase price to your benefit, which should offset the investment in a private investigation service.

Furthermore, you may even uncover critical details and red flags that save you from purchasing a business that will ultimately be your downfall as an entrepreneur. 

Fraud Investigations

Every business takes measures to protect itself from instances of financial fraud, but, no matter what boundaries are enforced to avoid being a victim of fraud, it can still happen. Company Fraud can unfortunately often occur within your employee team. Those types of fraud are often complex and beyond the skills or interest of your Bank or the Police Force. In such instances, a Private Investigator can help you uncover the details of the fraud and ultimately help you recover the lost funds and ensure the guilty party is put to justice for their actions. 

Private investigators can be useful for all kinds of businesses. But not all private investigators are experienced in all fields, so you should find a professional that has particular skills in the area you need assistance with.