5 Team Building Activities to Get Your Team Out of the Office 

Studies show that a team that works together is more productive, effective, and successful, not to mention happier. It is for these reasons that companies should give importance to team-building activities. However, organising team building can be tricky. You’ve got to make sure that it’s effective and will not bore the participants. To avoid showing favouritism or causing resentment when you choose teams, use this handy team generator tool. 

So, forget about the typical team-building activities that will only induce more eye rolls instead of high-fives. Get out of the office, visit some interesting places, and think of fun, exciting activities. Whether it is a day sky-diving or gel blasters in Brisbane there are plenty of options if you want to take it extreme, but maybe best check if everyone’s health and nerves are up to it first!   

If you need help with this, here are some creative team-building activities to get your team out of the office.

Navigate the Canals on a Narrowboat 

Narrowboating is an exciting way to bring workers together in an out-of-office environment. It comes with challenges that could teach employees the value of teamwork. Narrowboating the canals of the UK for a weekend is also a great bonding moment. As the boat traverses along the scenic waterways, the group will discover the rich and interesting history of the British countryside. 

Canals were first used during Roman times, and the UK’s water network eventually grew dramatically during the Industrial Revolution. Nowadays, you will find thousands of miles of canal routes in the UK to explore on a narrowboat. Each route has a unique charm and beauty, suitable for any team-building activity. 

Narrowboating as a corporate team-building activity builds trust. It teaches people to rely on one another and work together to achieve goals while creating a stronger bond. Colleagues will also learn more about each other. They will learn to be more trusting, which will forge stronger work relationships.  

Go Racing

Car racing can be both fun and thrilling. When applied in a team-building setting, this activity will gather the team in one location to learn more about high-speed vehicles, driving, and racing. It sets up a team challenge that taps into strategic thinking and competitive spirits. But most importantly it’s great fun. While it is overtly competitive, you can’t win the challenge without a high degree of cooperation and trust. And high adrenaline situations undoubtedly help a group to bond. 

Trackdays can help organise a fun racing activity for your team building. They offer a wide range of driving experiences at all major UK race circuits based in the UK. You get to choose from various car models, including supercars like Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini. 

Car racing is a niche but increasingly popular activity for team building. It’s an activity that requires skill or physical prowess. Its competitive nature instills the value of teamwork and sportsmanship. When racing against another team, it teaches employees to work with one another to achieve a common goal. The skills they will learn from this activity can be useful for the organisation.

Learn Survival Skills in the Forest 

Take your team out into the wild to learn survival skills in the forest. Outwards bound type activities are another great adrenaline and bonding hit, that at the same time teach everyone to collaborate for the common good. A survival challenge will promote fabulous team working, while testing problem-solving skills to the hilt. This type of activity also helps the cohort to see the real strengths and weaknesses of themselves and their colleagues, not just those that are inferred by their job role. 

While in the forest, gather the group around. Give them a scenario where everyone is stranded in the middle of the forest. The participants will also be given certain items that they can use for survival and rescue. Based on the relevance and importance of these items, they should know what to prioritise and how to use them for survival. The activity teaches participants the value of resilience. In today’s hectic world, cultivating a resilient work culture is critical to engaging employees and maintaining happiness and job satisfaction. 

Studies show that exposure to nature restores mental energy, which also helps to boost productivity at work. In Japan ‘forest bathing‘ is a national pastime, believed to restore energy and boost wellbeing. 

Go Glamping 

A growing body of research proves that taking the employees outdoors offers distinct and unique advantages. It lowers stress, restores mental energy, improves outlook in life, and enhances focus and creativity. Therefore, consider glamping outdoors for your team-building activity. There are many cool glamping sites all over the UK, so looking for a place to organise your team-building activity should be easy. 

Glamping means glamorous camping. It means sleeping in modern luxury while surrounded by stunning nature. The glamping trend is growing and is not showing any signs of slowing down, especially now that we’re in the middle of a pandemic. Just imagine waking up in a beautiful tent on a mountaintop or sleeping at a forest canopy in a treehouse! Indeed, glamping is a wonderful way to experience untamed nature without sacrificing modern comforts and amenities. 

A shift from the usual office environment can be a fresh breeze. In one study done by the National Academy of Sciences, it was found that spending some time in nature can help to enhance mental health and improve positivity, which lowers stress levels and prevents depression. Meanwhile, at Glasgow University, researchers have found that people who spend a lot of time outdoors have a lower risk of poor mental health. 

Experience the Crystal Maze

Another unique and fun activity you can do with the team is to experience the Crystal Maze. The Crystal Maze is a popular TV show in the nineties, and now you will have the opportunity to be the star of the show.

In this ultimate team activity, you will face challenges that will test your team’s mental and physical activities across four adventure time zones – Industrial, Aztec, Medieval, and Futuristic. Each time a team completes a challenge, they will be given a Crystal. The more crystal the team earns, the more time they will get to the final challenge, which is the Crystal Dome. 

There will be a Maze Master who will serve as your guide as you travel across the four zones for this activity. You will be faced with a variety of challenges in each zone and as you go along the way. In each zone, each member will participate in 2 to 3 minute long games that will test their mental or physical skill.