AIm High- AI Bootcamp for Female Founders will empower women-led AI startups

Amazon Web Services has just launched AIm High AI Bootcamp for Female Founders powered by AWS Startup Loft Accelerator and supported by Vestbee, the leading platform for early-stage startup and VC ecosystem. AIm High is an online, equity-free program designed to support early-stage AI startups founded by women across EMEA with up to $100K in AWS Activate Credits, access to leading VC funds, a spot in the AWS Startup Loft Accelerator, and comprehensive business and technical assistance for building successful AI startups.

The AI Bootcamp is an invaluable resource for female founders looking to take their AI-based startups to the next level. It provides them with all they need to succeed in a competitive environment — from product and fundraising strategies to technical skills and specialized Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence knowledge transfer. 

The Bootcamp’s agenda is filled with comprehensive sessions that will help women to get ahead of the game with their AI ventures. From data usage and advanced technical workshops to demo presentations, female founders will gain invaluable insight into the world of AI and how to use it to propel success. 

What are the benefits and perks for the selected startups? 

Participants selected for the AIm High AI Bootcamp will also benefit from more than $200K of exclusive startup perks provided by AWS and Vestbee, the leading platform for startups and investors. They will include up to $100K in AWS Activate Credits, up to 90% off on HubSpot, €15K in Stripe credits, $3K in Business Plan credits on Loom, $50K on the Mixpanel Growth Plan, and $1K in Notion credits. Applicants will also get access to cloud support from AWS experts, access to the leading VC funds, media exposure, and access to the best of Amazon’s Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, as well as its cloud infrastructure and partner network.

Which startups can apply?

The AIm High AI Bootcamp is open to all early-stage startups from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, with a founding team of at least one female C-level founder and an in-house technology team. The company should be developing an innovative solution, with an MVP and a clear AI/ML component or use case. 

Companies should apply via the Vestbee platform here before March 10th.

For more information about the AIm High – AI Bootcamp for Female Founders, visit:

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