Be Your Own Boss with these Business Ideas

Did you jump for joy when you were told you could keep working from home? Or did you perhaps hang your head when you were told you couldn’t? It makes sense. The freedom and control you were given, without anyone timing bathroom breaks or spending half your pay on commuting, made the idea of working for yourself a very interesting idea.

And frankly, with the shaky ground that a lot of big businesses are on, it makes sense to find the idea of going it alone more stable.

Maybe it’s time to take that leap of faith. But what would you do? Keep reading for a few ideas.


There is a vintage trend going on right now. It is happening in fashion, it’s happening in furniture, and it’s happening in collectibles. You can take advantage of all these things by using your nose for finding bargains to find gems amongst the rubbish and selling them on.

With people becoming more conscious of what fast fashion is doing to the environment, as well as an appreciation for nostalgia across genres, it makes sense to find that £3 jacket in a charity shop and sell it on for a tasty £30-100.


Being an influencer isn’t as easy as the world would think, and in fact, it engages and teaches a lot of valuable and transferable skill sets.

On the creative side, there is content creation which takes photography, filming, editing, writing and scripting skills, and more. But the lesser-known side of influencing is the business and marketing skills you are bound to learn and use. Being an influencer is about marketing yourself, therefore you will learn skills in online marketing, as well as business management and self-motivation.

If you’re interested, you can attend a few conventions to learn about the ins and outs. You will gain insights from peers in the industry and perhaps attend a few workshops. Reach out to RX a global event company to make your name known via your industry events.


The great thing about freelancing is that it is likely to use a lot of skills you already have, and just take it on the road. Rather than working for one business, you will acquire clients that need your work.

If, for example, you have writing skills, you can look into freelance journalism or copywriting. The two have different priorities and require different work, so consider your options. Freelance journalism involves finding a story, researching it, writing it, getting the photos, and delivering the article to various publications for them to judge and accept or reject, whereas copywriting is about getting as many stories out there as possible with an advertising edge to it.

If you are better off with numbers, you can also consider freelance accounting and bookkeeping. If you are good at squeezing money out of expenses like a sponge, then you will likely find steady work paying for yourself. Or if you have experience in coding, you can become a freelance website developer.

If you have an artistic side, you can set your social media bios to “commissions open” and start creating for anyone who needs it. Influencers need designs for merchandise, marketers need graphics for campaigns, and fans need something pretty to look at and know it came from you.

And that’s just for starters. See here for 10 more ideas of businesses that you can start from home with little or no money.