eCommerce Migration: When is it time to re-platform?

Many eCommerce store owners are reluctant to migrate to a new platform. Making the move can take time, cost money, and require you to move all your data. The risks seem high and there appears to be so much that can go wrong.

Merchants often put off migrating, but not upgrading to a new platform could be more damaging. Your current platform could be holding you back from growth and proving the best customer experience.

Here are some top signs that your site is ready to migrate:

  • Lack of features
  • High maintenance cost
  • Sluggish site performance
  • Bad customer experience

You may be questioning why it is so important to optimise your site but according to Xigen’s data, 73% of consumers say customer experience plays a huge part in their purchasing decision and a massive 60% of people would be unlikely to return to a website with a bad UX.

If you are considering making the leap, it is important to plan a successful site migration and get a clear perspective on how the process works. Xigen have created a handy checklist to guide you through the planning process from pre-launch to post-launch.

Xigen Migrating your Ecommerce Site Infographic v2 Opt1 2 scaled eCommerce Migration: When is it time to re-platform?