How To Choose The Right IT Partner?

The right IT partner supports your business’s functionality, scalability, and security. One bad hire can cost you at least £17,000. So your IT partner must help you plan the business trajectory and save you from unexpected downtime. 

And before we help you choose the right IT partner, let’s understand who they are.

Who is an IT partner?

An IT partner is equipped with the skills of optimizing, managing and creating architecture for your technological systems. They prepare you for the worst-case technical scenarios and help you avoid future business disruptions. Here’s how you can identify the right IT partnership for your business.

What are the characteristics of the right IT partner?

The right IT partner is the one who:

  • acknowledges your priorities 
  • understands the complexities of your business
  • communicates the problems and valuable solutions without much technical jargon
  • pays keen attention to details 
  • shows intellectual curiosity, resourcefulness and creativity 

After you’ve identified these skills in your IT partner, here’s how you can choose who’s the right one for you.

Steps to choosing the right IT partner

Here are the steps:

Step #1: Prepare a list of your expectations for the IT partner

Begin with preparing a goal sheet for your multiple technical projects. And attach a detailed list of needs and expectations for each project. Do specify your non-negotiables in terms of performance, efficiency and result. 

Now, ensure that the potential IT partner fulfills these requirements. Having an elaborate list eases the task of choosing the right tech partner.

Step #2: Explore potential candidates with the required experience

After you have analyzed your needs and expectations for the different projects, start exploring your ideal IT partner. You can do this by:

  • attending technology-specific meetings and extending your nexus of contacts
  • asking stakeholders and inviting insider references 
  • requesting samples of previous projects to the potential candidates

Step #3: Review past performance and analyze price

In this step, you evaluate the credibility of potential IT partners after exploring them through multiple sources. You can do this by:

  • reviewing ratings on sites where they have previously worked
  • contacting the ex-partners of the potential candidate

Now you analyze the pricing structure. You can get maximum return on investment on choosing the right IT partner by asking:

  • what is your budget, and how far can you push it for the right candidate?
  • what are you willing to compromise on? Cost or quality. 
  • how cost-effective and valuable is the potential candidate?

Remember, 39% of businesses feel their productivity decreases after a bad partnership. So you must look into past performances with attention.

Step #4: Evaluate if they have the key characteristics

Remember that pricing structure is just one of the components and not the only one. The next essential step is to evaluate if the IT partner:

  • acknowledges your business objectives 
  • understands your operational workflow 
  • provides strategies for prospective technical issues
  • forecasts potential technological changes & risks
  • thinks creatively and out of the box
  • builds scalable products

If your potential IT partner holds these crucial characteristics, they’re the one.

Key Takeaway

The IT partner boosts your business’ performance and improves customer satisfaction. They

  • align your business goals with technology and give you a competitive edge
  • hold confidential data about your business

This is why choosing an IT partner is a crucial decision. Do not rush while making it; follow the steps mentioned above to find your ideal one.