How to Improve Your Chance of Ranking in the SERPs

These days, the Internet is so important in every aspect of our lives, and for online businesses and blogs, ranking high on search engine results pages (SERPs) opens the door to many possibilities. When internet users search for something on Google or one of the other search engines, they will usually only click on one of the top few results, so if you want to guarantee traffic to your website when you can convert to regular visitors or potential sales leads, it is vital that your website is one of those top results. 

There are various methods for boosting a website’s positions on SERPs and each needs to be implemented effectively with careful planning and accurate analysis.  For everyone looking to increase their website’s standing, here is how to improve your chance of ranking in the SERPs.

1. Create a Technically Sound Website

The search engine algorithms are very sophisticated and the first thing they will check is that your website doesn’t have any technical issues. Nothing frustrates web users more than websites with slow page loading times or broken links which don’t go anywhere, so it is vital that you make sure your site is user friendly. Website building has never been easier with various templates that you can use but if you are having continuous technical issues then it is worth paying the money to a professional website design team to iron out the creases.

2. Provide Quality Content

Search engines’ success or failure relies on web users’ confidence in the results which they get from a search. Google and the other major search engines want to provide relevant and authoritative content for their users so it is vital that you provide this if you want to rank highly on SERPs. Identify your niche and analyze what your intended audience wants from your website and build your content accordingly. It doesn’t matter if you have the best-looking website on the Internet, if the content is not useful or interesting, users will never come back to visit your site again. Look at your main competitors’ content and see what the most successful is providing and decide what you can implement and what you can improve on.

3. Implement Relevant Keywords

A big part of SERP ranking is based on your website’s content including the optimum volume of relevant keywords that web users typically search for. These keywords have to be added in a natural way or the algorithms will detect that you are just including them to boost your rankings. In order to find the best keywords to include, there are various keyword research tools that you can use to analyze your competitors’ websites and see which words the most successful are using.

4. Build Your Presence Off-Site

The first three tips in this guide are all methods that need to be implemented on your website itself, but there are also some very important off-site steps which you need to take. Getting your website listed on the UK business directory or a similar directory in your country will make your website available to potential customers and will help you to rank more highly. In addition, another effective way to show the search engine algorithms that your website is an authority on your chosen niche is by building backlinks on other authoritative sites. This can either be done by reaching out personally to relevant websites and building relationships so that they post articles with links to your site, or by paying a specialist company to do it for you. The websites which rank highest on SERPs usually have the most quality backlinks but it can take a bit of investment to start building up your links.

5. Link Your Website to Quality Social Media

Another great way to boost your ranking on SERPs and to increase the organic traffic to your website is by creating linked social media pages. As with your website, you must identify the content your target audience will find engaging and update the content on a daily basis. Social media users love to have two-way engagement with their favorite pages and groups so set up giveaways, live streams, and use a mixture of video, text, and pictures to keep your content interesting.

When it comes to online success, competition in every industry and field is so competitive that you cannot leave anything to chance. In order to rise over your competition, it is vital that you take the correct steps to place your website at the top of the SERPs. From providing quality content which visitors will find engaging to building the authority of your website through backlinks and effective use of social media, every possible avenue must be utilized effectively. Follow this guide and you will soon see some real progress and, as a result, a significant increase in visitors to your website.