Impress opens clear orthodontics clinics in London, Manchester and Birmingham, and continues expanding

The start-up, whose first office is located in Barcelona, aims to become a European leader in the dental sector. To do so, it will use funds to strengthen its presence in Spain, Italy, Portugal and the UK, where it has been opening new clinics over the past year.

How has it managed to push itself forward?

This startup began in 2019 with the idea of carrying out a disruptive business in the Orthodontics sector: commercializing a product that already exists in the market, but with a different way of working, and a professional approach.

We can see a huge expansion in the UK over the last year, during which time, it has gone from being only present in London by December 2021 to expanding to 11 cities across the UK to date.

Impress aims to continue the development of its innovative model of targeting consumers rather than medical staff to lead the clear orthodontics market in Europe.

Where are the new city locations?

In the UK, impress has a number of clinics, both its own clinics and partner clinics. All of them offering discreet, comfortable, removable aligners designed to treat overbites, crowding, and diastemas.

As we said, in the UK so far we have 3 flagships located in:

  • London (54 Brushfield St, Unit “Impress”, London E1 6AG)
  • Manchester (3 Hardman Street `Unit Impress` Spinningfield Manchester M3 3H)
  • Birmingham (51 WHARFSIDE ST, Birmingham, B1 1RE)

Impress also has a presence in 9 partner clinics across the UK (Liverpool, Nottingham, Croydon, Bradford, Leeds, Slough, Hull, Cardiff & Stoke).

What is Impress?

Impress is Europe’s largest chain of orthodontic clinics using technology to improve dental health. It has managed to become the largest chain due to its use of technology for diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of cases.

The Impress invisible orthodontic treatment consists of a set of transparent aligners, which are characterized by being personalized for each patient and have the function of moving 0.03 mm at each change of splint until the perfect smile is achieved. These splints are changed every 1 or 2 weeks, depending on the case, and must be worn for at least 22 hours per day.

It should be noted that the Impress clinics are made up of a medical team with more than 15 years of experience and, as they specialize in invisible orthodontics, the prices are reduced by 60% compared to other alternatives available on the market without affecting the quality of the treatment or its effectiveness.

How is the process when you go to Impress?

When first visiting the clinic, for example, the Leed clinic, the patient undergoes a complete oral check-up, an X-ray, and then a 3D scan. This allows the dentists to create a virtual simulation of the treatment for the patient and themselves to see.

It should be noted that the plans are 100% personalized, which guarantees an excellent result. The aligners are delivered to the home of the patient’s choice and the process is controlled through an application in order to avoid the patient having to travel in case of any doubts, unforeseen events or suggestions.