Perfumes that are Perfect to Wear to Work and Work Events

Kitting yourself out for work is an important part of the job. Whether it’s a retail job, where you can wear more or less what you’d wear on an average day, a hotel job where you need a uniform and a certain hairstyle, or a corporate job where you need to be perfectly suited and booted at all times, you should know what is appropriate. This extends to hair style and colour, shoe choices and, of course, grooming.

Perfume is an integral part of your grooming. Your scent is an extension of your style. You might prefer something sultry with spicy notes or perhaps light and floral. Usually a woman’s perfume goes with their look and personality, but what if your look won’t work on the job?

If you have to dress down or smarten up for work and work events, your usual scent may no longer work with your on-the-job attire and presentation. If that’s the case, you’ll need to pick out a work scent that still feels like you but also works with the professional image you need to present. You need something that still makes you feel beautiful and confident but also something that won’t be more memorable to your clients and partners than their interaction with you. We’ve got some suggestions if you’re struggling to find that balance.

Burberry Weekend

Though this fragrance is called Weekend, it’s the perfect choice for the woman who likes a memorable scent but still wants to remain work appropriate. This floral scent is far from too girly. With top notes of Mignonette mandarin orange and sage, the scent is light and natural but still slightly unexpected. Middle notes of nectarine, blue hyacinth, peach blossom, iris, violet toot, red cyclamen, and rosehip add complexity to the scent. The base notes give this scent the edge: musk, sandalwood, and cedar bring woodsy heaviness to this fragrance and make it complete. Wearing this to work gives you fresh energy in the office but leaves enough space for others.

Davidoff Cool Water

This scent is a classic that has been around for quite some time. This light, daywear fragrance was first created in 1996 by Pierre Bourdon. It’s fresh and zesty but never too sharp. You’ll first smell the top notes of quince, lily, black currant, lemon, lotus, pineapple, calone and pineapple. Underneath these lie water lily, jasmine, lily of the valley, honey, rose, hawthorn, and good clean water. The base notes tie the fragrance off nicely: blackberry, raspberry, vetiver, musk, peach, sandalwood and vanilla. It’s just enough to leave an impression and convey your companionable personality without appearing too familiar.

Vera Wang Embrace Periwinkle and Iris

Vera Wang, though she started down her creative path later in life than most, can fail at nothing. When she released a number of “Embrace” fragrances in 2015, this was the clear standout and has remained so ever since. This is an uncomplicated scent with a fruity, welcoming finish. Mandarin orange and bergamot greet you, periwinkle, jasmine, iris, and violet meet you in the middle and benzoin, vanilla, sugar and whipped cream are your dessert. Scent-sational from start to finish, and you’ll be noted at any office function as a woman of excellent taste.

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue

If you want a scent that says, “Why, yes, I did just return from a summer holiday in the Mediterranean, ” Light Blue is the one for you. Be the envy of the office party with this bright and fresh eau de toilette that just screams suntans and evening cocktails. At the top of the scent, you’ll find Sicilian cedar, green apple and bluebell, welcoming you in. The middle notes are bamboo, jasmine and rose, with citron wood, amber and musk coming in at the bottom to balance things out. 

Anna Sui La Vie Boheme

If the light and fruity florals are just too sweet for you, how about something a little heavier but still office appropriate? Anna Sui’s La Vie Boheme (by Philippe Romano) is a delicious blend of pear, red berries, pitahaya and Turkish rose on top. The middle notes come in with a little bit of floral, but not too much: peony, magnolia and freesia. At the tail end of the scent, musk, black vanilla husk, raspberry and sandalwood round it off with an intriguing finish. This scent is for a strong woman; you’ll take no prisoners in the boardroom!

Wrap Up

Any of these scents would be a great way to make an excellent impression at work while still bringing as much YOU to the table as possible.