The Most Popular Platforms to Sell Online Courses

People can share knowledge quite effectively by taking online courses. They are among the most widely used learning tools in use today, and not just in online institutions and universities. Numerous online learning platforms let users design and market their courses. Building an online course will require a little more effort, but that’s where these platforms are helpful.

Platforms and apps come in many shapes and sizes, and most of them are made to make the process of creating courses quick, easy, and initially inexpensive. They’ll simplify things so you can concentrate on the content and design the ideal course. Here is our overview of the most popular platforms out there to sell your online courses. 


There are several templates for course content and landing pages available in Thinkific, a web-based platform for creating online courses. You can design signature courses, pre-sell courses, and even build a resource library for members-only use. It offers unequaled usability and allows you to develop your course materials or use their premade ones.

Thinkific’s top points:

  • Samples and templates are helpful for new educators.
  • Incorporates Zapier and more tools
  • Reviews are available
  • Free for one course; otherwise, monthly rates begin at $39


Kajabi is the solution for you if you’d like to automate course promotion. You may access it via the web or mobile, and a tool is even provided to allow you to build your automation. You can even entice people to sign up for newsletters and other stuff by offering templates for landing sites, courses, and other things. Of course, you can always make a comparison of Kajabi and Thinkific and see which one suits your needs and requirements better. Highlights of Kajabi include the following:

  • Local email service
  • Available templates
  • Automatic marketing support
  • $119 monthly for the least expensive plan.


Teachable allows course designers to alter every aspect of their courses, along with the look. There are several templates available to get you started, and you can even construct a branding website and sales pages. You may design adjustable pricing, subscription plans, bundles, and more, and you can upload files from a variety of sources. This platform also provides a ton of native integrations and tools.

Teachable highlights:

  • One-time, recurring, or package pricing options are available for courses.
  • Possibilities for standardization and branding that are specific
  • Tools for valuable input
  • The integrations offered by Zapier
  • Free plans are offered, and premium ones begin at $29 monthly.


Podia is an excellent platform for creating courses in many ways. Among the best eCommerce solutions available, you may sell your digital material through a virtual storefront. Through this platform, you can even create membership sites and provide digital downloads, plus there are a ton of templates to aid in creating a solid foundational design. Additionally, courses may be immediately published.

Highlights of Podia:

  • Available additional resources
  • Electronic downloads
  • Packages for courses and supplies
  • Optional private membership website
  • With no transaction fees, pricing begins at $39 per month.


If you want to impart creative abilities, Skillshare is the best teaching resource. There are classes available for a wide range of popular subjects and specialty markets, from cuisine to photography to interior design. You can join up and submit courses for free on the platform. If you wish to make money, paid courses must be accepted for the premium catalog.

Highlights from Skillshare:

  • Built-in framework for course building
  • Interesting, interactive classes
  • Perfect for artists
  • The Free development of courses.


One of the best-known and well-liked online course platforms available today is Udemy. They have many excellent tools and solutions to assist everybody, especially those who are just beginning. It’s a great choice for beginners because it’s simple to use and offers mobile learning choices as well.

Highlights from Udemy:

  • Creating a course step-by-step
  • Teach Hub with knowledge and advice
  • Marketing strategies on hand
  • Tools for metrics and reporting
  • Starts free and splits profits from course sales.


LearnWorlds is a website and app that can be accessed on both iOS and Android devices in addition to the regular web. This platform may be used to design a variety of courses, and for a little extra money, you can build a branded application that is tailored to your particular school, course offerings, and other factors. Discussion forums and strong editing tools are available to keep students interested.

Highlights of LearnWorlds:

  • Student profiles facilitate social interaction
  • Easy to create a bespoke course
  • Branding is possible
  • Available coupons
  • Beginning at $24 monthly.

ProProfs LMS

Online course developers now have a quick and easy way to design, market, and deliver courses of all kinds thanks to ProProfs LMS. A collection of more than 100 courses and templates that you may adapt to your needs is available, along with an integrated tool that makes it simple to develop courses and quizzes. On either your website or theirs, you could list your courses.

Highlights of ProProfs LMS:

  • Provided a secure payment gateway
  • Works with Stripe
  • Simple course creation
  • There are available pre-made courses and templates.
  • Beginning at $1 per month, per student.

The aforementioned platforms will come in handy if you want to earn money online, are ready to teach others new skills, or want to grow your current clientele. You can choose one based on your requirements and intended use. You can promote your teaching abilities and the courses you’ve created using these platforms.