Trying Out the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Working from home is an increasingly popular pursuit in the busy modern world for many reasons. It can provide the same satisfaction as working from an office, without some of the key downsides of having to commute to a physical location. For the right women in the right careers, the digital nomad approach can take this idea one step further. With even greater potential for freedom and new experiences, the digital nomad life is one many people swear by, but is it right for you?

Look Before You Leap

Around 7% of the world’s digital nomads come from the UK, with around 35 million people globally adopting the career path in 2024. The most common age group for digital nomad work is people in their 30s, but there are still many in their 40s, 50s, and even 60s who take this approach to employment. Of these nomads, around 41% are women, with common interests including hiking, yoga, and fitness.

Of course, you don’t have to belong to any of these categories to become a digital nomad. The components that matter most for digital nomad suitability are psychological, and this is what makes predicting whether this employment will work for you complicated. You never want to be stuck as a stranger in a strange land, which is why we suggest carefully weighing the romance against reality and running a test first before fully committing to months or years of travelling.

Doing What You Enjoy

The first question every digital nomad needs to ask themselves is whether will they have access while travelling to the hobbies and activities that they love. If you’re a fan of painting in a home studio, for example, it’s going to be extremely difficult to maintain this outlet on the go. The same will be true for playing music on an instrument like a keyboard. Even if you have the space, worrying about damage and repairs is a constant annoyance that you’ll have to balance.

On the flip side are any activities you enjoy that can be performed entirely digitally. A popular example here could be found in placing free bets and claiming no deposit bonuses in online casinos. Websites like Betfair and Paddy Power are popular in many countries, not just the UK, and so you’ll be able to play these easily while travelling. The same can be said for watching streams on services like Netflix, downloading audiobooks from Audible, and playing video games. You might need a VPN now and then, but that’s not difficult with today’s user-friendly tech.

The Test Run

Whether you’re hopeful or extremely confident, we’d recommend potential digital nomads employ a practice run before committing themselves completely to this new lifestyle. Pick a place near enough to be cheap and convenient, but alien enough to put you out of your comfort zone. See how being away from your home, friends, and family affects you and your work, and what little things you enjoy or don’t like.

With this experience and considerations under your belt, you’ll be far better equipped to jump out into the wide world of nomad lifestyle for real. Just remember to pack carefully, plan your visas and hotels out well ahead of time, and most importantly, be prepared for the eventual and inevitable stomach issues. This last one might not be fun, but it is a practical right of passage as you’re welcomed into the digital nomad fold!