Why Choose a Business Mobile Contract?

Whether in the startup phase or beyond, technology is important. Securing a good mobile phone contract for your business is one of the most often overlooked areas of small business management.

The reasoning isn’t that mobile use is unnecessary, but that the costs outweigh the potential return on investments. In other words, it’s an investment that takes money out of the profits rather than directly contributing to them.

Unfortunately, this is a mistaken view of tech, particularly phone systems, as technology is one of the most vitally used tools for consumer communication. A mobile device for business purposes is crucial to developing a thriving business and responsive team.

The Benefits of Mobile Phones in Business

There are multiple aspects of a business where a mobile can not only be helpful but essential. Operating a business is plagued by fierce competition. Any decision that impacts staff productivity or efficiency can hurt your bottom line.

Here are just a handful of reasons why a business mobile contract is a great choice for any company:

More Efficient Than VoIP

Given the trends toward remote employment and hybrid work situations, it is costly and inconvenient to rely on VoIP for an effective communication system between employees. There is a tremendous amount of back-and-forth contact that needs to occur.

A traditional VoIP system may still have your employees tethered to a desk to catch an important call or make decisions with their coworkers. This can create inefficiencies in communication and create a loss of productivity.

Mobile communication isn’t limited by location or proximity to a desk or internet connection. Employees are free to make their sales visits, go about their tasks, and leave their desks without worrying about missing an important call. Users can still conduct work from any location, keeping productivity high and reducing miscommunication errors.

More Cost-Effective Than Software-Based Systems

Unlike software-based systems prone to high expenses and rapid obsolescence, mobile devices offer consistent connectivity without reliance on landlines or the internet. Additionally, hard-wire phone systems are expensive to upkeep and maintain – alongside difficult to scale up when additional employees or phone lines are needed.

They’re resilient during disasters or maintenance, ensuring continued communication with employees, consumers, and first responders. Automatic updates and reliable cell tower coverage further secure and maintain connectivity.

More Reliable for Consumer Needs

Many consumers are turning to online services to connect with a business. This is a crucial way to implement a strong customer service strategy. 

To respond to consumer emails, online inquiries or comments on social media platforms, an employee or business owner needs to have an internet connection. If the only way to connect with a consumer digitally is through a laptop or desktop computer, there can be significant delays in your business’s response to consumer needs or concerns. This can lead to a perception of poor customer service.

Often, devices designated as mobile for business are equipped with internet connectivity options. Whether it’s through email or social media apps, employees who carry a cell phone can continually monitor consumer needs. A more responsive customer service strategy will strengthen a favourable perception of your business and improve customer loyalty and relationships.

Don’t overlook a business contract for your mobile devices!

During the startup phase of business development, inexperienced business owners are busy thinking about the many details that go into product development, office space, potential hiring needs, licensing and so much more. Whilst communication needs are on the radar, this area isn’t generally included in the big-picture snapshot of immediate necessities.


A key reason many small businesses overlook the use of mobile devices is due to cost. There is fear that providing a mobile device for each employee and paying the monthly service charge will blow a limited budget out of the water.

Business Mobiles remain one of the most budget-friendly options for businesses, small and large. Small business owners in particular can easily take advantage of great devices and service plans according to their financial needs.

Dedicated Business Device:

Another reason small business owners feel they can avoid deciding on a business plan is the fact that they may already own personal mobile devices.

It’s true that you can use your personal device for your immediate business calls and contacts. However, there needs to be some thought into the long-term implications of using your personal phone number for your business. 

Dedicated Business Device:

A mobile device dedicated to the business has its own dedicated number, eliminating a lot of confusion on how to answer the phone, as well as how to prioritize the use of the device. Working with mobile devices on a business plan tends to have more continuity between devices. It can provide each employee with one of the latest models at great pricing. 

This means each employee will be able to access the necessary applications and have the latest software installed. Rather than relying on an employee’s personal phone or other alternatives, business owners can streamline – creating consistency between all employees.

It also helps your employees break away between personal and business life. After all, nobody wants to be constantly reminded of work when using their phone on their break or relaxing at home.


Many of these contracts come with additional benefits, such as early upgrades, free delivery, price guarantees, extra storage/data upgrades, and much more. They’re often overlooked, yet an amazing alternative to using your personal device.

So, in short, opting for a business mobile plan is best for:

  • Saving money & budgeting.
  • Communication & connectivity.
  • Employee efficiency & wellbeing.
  • Versatility & general use.

If you haven’t considered opting for a business plan on your next mobile contract, we’re sure you will now!