Why Choose Call Tracking Software for Your Care Home Marketing?

Nothing counts more than reputation when you are promoting a care home. Treating clients well and meeting their needs effectively is an unassailable bottom line. If you can’t get those basics right then your home will receive a low CQC rating. In those internet days it’s the first thing potential clients and their families will check out. 

Beyond that you can stand out by having excellent customer service and responding swiftly and positively to enquiries. Sloppy follow-up to enquiries can result in your care home falling to the bottom of the list. Technology can help with this. Effective use of the right tech tools can ensure that you never miss out because someone overlooked a call. Read on to learn how one simple technology –  call tracking software – can help to manage your marketing pipeline and to keep it on track. 

What is call tracking software?

Call tracking software is an advanced analytics tool that allows you to thoroughly track every prospect call throughout your business. It also provides a variety of crucial data on each interaction, so you have extensive information on each caller.

The software can also offer a range of detailed insights and reports on prospect engagement throughout your marketing, to show you how effectively each active campaign and channel is driving new leads and sales.

How does call-tracking software work?

Expert software – such as call tracking company Mediahawk, for example – works by providing extensive analytics for both your prospect calls and overall marketing interactions.

For calls, you’ll receive data such as:

  • Caller phone number
  • Caller area code
  • The ring duration
  • The abandonment rate

For analysing engagement in your care home, you’ll receive a range of metrics such as:

  • The marketing sources producing calls – By using dynamic phone numbers, the software can help you trace the exact journeys of each prospect who calls your business from your website. You’ll be able to see which marketing sources were responsible for generating every call. For example, you can see how many prospects followed a link from your social media ad before calling.
  • Activities generating inbound enquiries – The software can also help you trace the specific activities visited by every prospect who makes an inbound enquiry.
  • PPC performance monitoring – You can use call tracking to monitor the effectiveness of your pay-per-click ads. You’ll be able to see how many prospects call after funnelling through your PPC ads, as well as which specific ads these were.
  • Interactions from your Google Business Profile – By setting up static phone numbers, you can see how many calls were generated from your Google Business Profile.
  • Tracking keywords mentioned in calls – You can pick a number of important keywords that are relevant to your business, and the software will identify if these words are mentioned during call conversations.

Why is call tracking essential for your care home marketing?

There are many reasons why call tracking is the tool your care home needs. These include:

  • Full visibility over your marketing performance

One of the main reasons call tracking is the perfect tool for your care home, is that it gives you total visibility over your marketing performance.

Using the software’s insights and reports, you can see the number of leads and sales generated from every activity, campaign, and channel in your care home.

This will not only show you your marketing strengths and weaknesses, but help you refine areas where necessary.

For example, you can implement new strategies for increasing calls at certain touchpoints, by researching which of your activities are most successful at increasing interactions, and replicating their aspects elsewhere.

  • Optimising your conversions through the prospect journey

Another reason why call tracking is the perfect software for your care home, is that it can help you optimise conversions throughout your prospects’ journeys.

You’ll be able to see which areas of your marketing are best at delivering conversions, whether it be valuable leads, or prospects converting to a move-in.

As a result, you can gain a better understanding of what you need to focus on in your marketing to increase conversions further.

For instance, this could be that prospects are more likely to convert if there’s a compelling call to action present in the activity, such as one leading to a form or a live chat.