3 simple business ideas that you can shape-up with new technology

Nine-to-five office life – and the stress, late nights and vitamin D deficiency it comes with – isn’t for everyone.

Whilst some thrive on the pressure of constant deadlines and somehow feel inspired by weekly team brainstorming sessions, the rest of us are filled only with a sense of unbeatable dread as we trudge towards our desk on a Monday morning.

If that’s a sentiment you can identify with, then it’s time to make a change.

Instead of carrying on with the job you hate so much, why not escape the office for the freedom of being your own boss?

Technology developments mean that it’s getting easier for more of us to make the leap to being out own boss.

It won’t be an easy transition to make but we promise that the joy of never again having to face a rush-hour commute will make all the hard work more than worthwhile.

There are limitless business ideas that you could be starting. See this article for the most popular types of new business ideas at the moment.  Every one of those ideas is being disrupted by new technology. Here are three ideas where using new tech can make all the difference. Check them out.

#1: Run a B&B from your home

In the past running a B&B was complicated. Marketing it was cumbersome. But that has all changed with AirBnB.  Now, all you need is a spare room and a smartphone. You could be up and running and have your first guest tomorrow.

You still have to get the basics right: keep everything immaculate and communicate quickly and with warmth.

Bringing in extra income from under-used assets, like a spare room, is one of the fastest-growing ways to make extra money. Do your homework and make some bookings as a guest first. Then you’ll be in a position to learn from real experience and give your guests the type of service and experience that you would expect for yourself.

#2: Create an event management business

Do you tend to go overboard when it comes to planning your kid’s birthday parties? Are you always the first person friends turn to for advice when they’re organising their weddings? Is your reputation for being on time your biggest CV boast?

If you answered yes to all the above then, without a doubt, creating your own event management company is your path to entrepreneurial success.

It’s a highly competitive but lucrative industry (worth around £42.3 billion per year to the UK economy), so setting yourself apart from the crowd and building up a loyal customer base through a killer marketing plan is essential. And with software, like eventbrite, available to help with planning, RSVPs, delegate feedback and everything else in between, there is lots of scope to run your operation ever more efficiently.

#3: Become a day trader

Technology has revolutionised day trading of shares and currencies. Now anyone can trade online from their own home. Day trading works best in highly volatile sectors, where prices can rise and fall, often dramatically, within a 24 hour period. This includes forex and bitcoin. To make the most of it you will have to commit to educating yourself and staying on top of political and economic events. Luckily many of the trading platforms that have emerged to enable this include intelligence and education modules, for example the-bitcoin-millionaireapp.com/pl.

Have you got any other business ideas where new technology can really make a difference? Leave a comment and let us know.

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