7 Tips for Generating the Idea

Great ideas make great businesses.  Whether it’s a brilliant new product or a refreshing twist to what you’ve been doing for years, that creative spark can make the difference between success or slow death.   What works for others? We asked a group of successful women business owners for their top tips:

  1. Have a bath!  The best ideas emerge when you’re relaxed.
  2. Get into a positive frame of mind.  You will come up with a winning idea! Negative thinking stifles creativity.
  3. List your skills, experience, interests and hobbies and see if anything there could generate income – it’s more motivating to be self-employed doing something you love!
  4. Go to the Fair! Visit trade fairs, home fairs and craft fairs and look at the exhibitors – is there something you could do, and more importantly, could you do it better?
  5. If your idea is to be a real flyer it must be different.  ‘Me too’ products rarely make any money. When looking for ideas you should always look to see what unique selling points you have, and of course be aware of how you are going to sell.
  6. Be creative and innovative.  Think about how you can make a product or service cleaner, safer, faster, more convenient, less expensive etc.
  7. Think about problems.  What little things annoy you about everyday life? This kind of thinking led to the ‘Anywayup Cup’, ‘Tippex’ and Lastminute.com

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