8 Things that Determine the Cost of a Funeral That You Need to Know

Funeral service companies have different prices for their services. This explains why you will find different packages depending on the services you need for your send-off function. But in many cases, the higher the price, the better the services.

However, if you can only afford a low-cost package, you still get a decent send-off for your loved one. Funeral service companies come up with different packages to make their services affordable to both low and high-income earners.

Here are the 8 things that determine the cost of a funeral that you need to know. This does not include the post-funeral reception, but that’s for another article. 

1. Type of Burial

The way you want to send off your loved one also determines your expenses for the funeral. There are different types of burial such as cremation and direct burial among others. Most of them have different charges and it is up to you to choose what you can afford.

You just have to check out the different kinds of burial that the funeral service company provides and the cost of each. Then, choose the best for your loved one that you can afford. Good enough, affordable funerals service companies have many different options for every budget and will guide you on the best low cost way to send off your loved one

2. Distance

Another factor that determines the cost of a funeral is the distance to the place of burial. Funeral service companies usually charge higher prices if they have to drive long distances to the place of burial. Wondering why? This is because of the increased costs of transportation.

However, if the burial is nearby, the cost is usually lower because of the short distance. So, if you are planning to bury your loved one in a place far away from your current home, you are likely to pay a higher amount to the funeral service company to compensate for transportation costs.

3. Type of Coffin

You will find many different types of coffins in various funeral homes. They are available in different sizes, colours, materials and so much more. These also determine the price of each coffin. The good thing is that the prices are always indicated and it is up to you to choose the one you want for your loved one.

The kind of coffin that you select impacts the overall cost of your funeral package. So, before you choose any, ensure that it fits in your budget and won’t strain your finances because you still have other things to handle for the funeral function

4. Taking Care of the Body

In most cases, when you hand your loved one’s body to the funeral home, they take care of it until the time of the burial. However, there are charges for each day it stays in the funeral home and the cost is added to your total bill.

So, if you are on a tight budget, it would be better to organize the burial as soon as possible to reduce the costs. But if you have enough money to cover all expenses, you are free to keep your loved one’s body under the care of the funeral home until you are ready to give the person a final send-off.

5. Number and Type of Cars

Funeral service companies usually have different types of vehicles for funeral functions and these also determine the overall cost. They have simple and luxurious cars so it is up to you to choose what you can afford. Remember, the luxurious type are more expensive than the simple ones.

On top of that, the number of cars you want to hire for the function also determines the cost. The more they are, the higher the bill. If you want several cars from the funeral service company to transport your family and friends to the burial grounds, you may have to pay a higher price. But if you are on a tight budget, you can use your personal cars and only hire the funeral service car to transport the body.

7. The Funeral Service Team

The funeral service team you need for the burial function also determines the cost. Remember, the more members of the team you want the higher the price because the funeral company has to pay all of them.

So, if you need a bigger team to handle different things on the function, prepare a bigger budget for the send-off. But for a small team, you pay fair prices. You can visit or call the company to inquire about the cost of having more service members.

8. Extra Services

If there are any extra services you need from the funeral company, you may have to pay extra money for them. For example, grave finishing after the burial. 

You can choose the type of tombstone you want to be put on the grave and they are also sold at different prices. Some tombstones are more expensive than others and your choice determines what you pay.

Choose Affordable Services

Don’t let the funeral function of your loved one leave you financially drained. The best thing is to look for affordable funeral service providers with favourable charges.