Career Options in the Security Industry

The number of women working in the security industry has grown significantly in recent years. This is largely a result of the increasing merger of cyber and physical security operations. And it’s also a growing recognition of the strengths that diverse perspectives and experiences bring to all of those roles. While many businesses are shifting online and a lot of security work is taking place in the digital space, there is still (and always will be) work for physical security personnel as well.

If you are interested in working in the security industry, then you need to know what all of your options are, so that you can find the career that’s perfect for you.

This post will tell you about a few security-related career options that you may want to consider.

Intelligence Agent

If you want a more high-level career in the security industry, then you could look to join your nation’s intelligence agency. In the United States, the main intelligence agency is the CIA, and in the United Kingdom, it is MI6. Becoming an intelligence agent isn’t easy, but it is rewarding. You will be on the frontline collecting information on potential terrorists and people who pose a threat to national security. The hiring requirements for these agencies are very strict, meaning you will have to meet very specific criteria and pass lots of tests before you can get the job.

Security Analyst

As mentioned in this post’s introduction, a lot of security work takes place online nowadays. If you want to get into digital security, then you could consider training to become a security analyst. A security analyst is an individual who analyses the security and integrity of a business’s online data. The reason that they do this is so that they can identify any potential breaches and also find out about areas of a business’s inline infrastructure that could be exploited by a hacker or cyber criminals. Security analysts tend to be well paid.  However, the job is also very complex and generally requires a significant level of graduate-level qualifications, such as a cybersecurity degree

Surveillance Officer

A surveillance officer is an individual employed by supermarkets and large stores to monitor customers. While working as a surveillance officer certainly isn’t as glamorous or exciting as the two jobs previously mentioned so far, it is nonetheless still a job that’s in demand and that can pay reasonably well. Your duties as a surveillance officer may extend to intercepting thefts and restraining customers believed to be involved in shoplifting. Surveillance officers tend to work nights as well, but only for very large stores or malls. If you want a better paying job, then you could get a job as a night-time surveillance officer.

Store Detective

A store detective is an individual who, like air marshals, works undercover. Store detectives work in large malls and supermarkets, monitoring customers and following people who they suspect of theft around. If a store detective does identify a person who is stealing, then they will act fast and intercept that person, preventing them from being able to leave the building with the stolen goods. Working as a store detective can be very rewarding since you meet a lot of people and work with the community. 

Air Marshal

An air marshal is an individual who travels on commercial flights, pretending to be an ordinary passenger. An air marshal’s job is to prevent and intercept hijacking or any crimes taking place on a plane. It can be tough to become an air marshal since they have a lot of responsibility and need to be trained expertly, but it is nonetheless a fantastic line of work to get into. If you are a person who cares about other people’s safety, security, and comfort, then this might be the career for you. Air marshals also take care of any disturbances on flights, dealing with rowdy passengers and people who are being unnecessarily abusive to flight attendants (or other passengers).

Protection Specialist

Lastly, and perhaps this list’s most glamorous job, we arrive at protection specialist. A protection specialist, also known as a bodyguard, is a person who protects a client from any potential threats. More often than not, bodyguards are hired to protect public figures, like celebrities and politicians. Sometimes they are also hired to protect wealthy individuals like bankers and stock brokers. They are very common in dangerous countries.

If you are interested in getting into an industry that is exciting and where no one day is the same, then the security industry may be for you. Do not be put off by an industry that appears to be male-dominated. Most firms are keen to recruit and train more women and reap the rewards of more diverse perspectives. There are also several networking and mentoring groups to specifically support women in security.