3 Career Options That Enable You to Travel

Many of us dream of seeing the world, however the reality is that both time and money are in scarce supply and it’s not realistic to take time out of your job or business. The alternative is to place travel firmly in the centre of your career, by working a job or operating a business that demands travel or through taking up seasonal and short-term contracts. Below are three examples for women who want to combine work with travel.

Working on a Yacht

If sailing or yachting is a passion then you also have a marketable skill to build a career on, however even if you’ve never been on a boat, you could find your perfect yacht crew job. Yachts need a wide variety of staff from chefs to skippers and you could have the opportunity to travel to and around the Mediterranean or Caribbean as part of your work. Using a yacht crew agency like Silver Swan Yacht Crew makes it simple to find suitable work.

Working in the air

Working as a flight attendant and travelling the world is a career that’s accessible to more people than you think; the only real restrictions are height requirements. For information on how to become a flight attendant, the Travel Academy have excellent resources. And a bonus if working in the air is that flight attendants get discounted or even free flights from their employer, making further travel and vacations possible.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Teaching English is a popular choice for people who want to generate an income whilst travelling, however, many people can turn teaching English as a Foreign Language into a full-time career or passion and become TEFL qualified. Some teaching roles do not require a qualification, however jobs that require accreditation will enable a more lucrative and long-term career.

These are just three options for travelling the world whilst earning a living. The ideal way is to combine your skills (what best at) with your passions (what you would be doing whether paid or not).

Image: TEFL via shutterstock

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