Essential Skills for Property Investors

Property investment can be a lucrative and profitable endeavour. Whether you want to be a full-time property investor, or you are looking for a way to maximise your savings, there are several key skills that can help you on your journey. From learning new strategies to negotiating deals, we look at the top skills for property investors and why they are so important.

Negotiation Skills

Understanding the process of negotiation is critical if you want to build a property based income. When it comes to property investment it’s essential that you get the best price possible, and make sure your money goes furthest. Being able to negotiate and enjoying the process is a skill that successful investors cultivate. Though the idea of haggling might seem challenging at first, you will find the more you do it, the better you get. Whether it is asking for extras, like a furniture pack or discount parking space or getting money knocked off the asking price, it is worth learning to negotiate.

Attention to Detail

Having a keen eye for detail and being able to look at the minute details of a contract or a pitch enables investors to make smart decisions. Looking at things carefully and in detail can prevent unwise investments and make sure you are covered for any eventuality.

Numerical Proficiency

You don’t have to be a mathematical genius to be a property investor but having a good grasp of numbers is important. Being able to do calculations quickly and correctly allows you to evaluate the financial viability of an investment. Numbers are key in property investment and a good understanding of the financials can put you ahead of the rest.

Love of Learning

A positive attitude and an openness to learning new things will help you move forward quickly. Finding out everything you can about the market, the area and your potential tenants is crucial when it comes to weighing up various property investments. Being curious and trying to stay ahead of the game can help you spot opportunities before everyone else.


Being self-aware may not be the first thing that springs to mind when it comes to property investment, but knowing yourself, your strengths and weaknesses and understanding your biases allows you to make better decisions. Everyone has inherent biases and wise investors adopt strategies to counteract these. Look for other opinions that contradict your own, try find a different perspective and understand why you make certain decisions and if these are the best possible.

Level Headed

Being able to take a level headed and non-emotional approach to investing is essential. Many investors falter when they are too emotionally invested in a property. Knowing when to sell and letting the head rule the heart is the way forward. Being pragmatic, looking at the pros and cons of an investment and deciding based on data can allow you to get the best opportunities and best returns.

As you learn and develop these skills you may find yourself looking at property investment in a different way and making smarter decisions. Property investment specialists like RW Invest provide investors with exclusive property investment opportunities in lucrative locations with great yields. Keep these skills in mind, find the very best opportunities and property investment could be a great strategy for you.

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