How a mini desk can improve your office life

Whether you’ve made the permanent switch to remote working, have been called back to the office full-time, or are somewhere in-between, there’s no denying that the setup of your office environment has an impact on how you work. A 2021 study on workplace satisfaction reveals that employees who were given more visual control over their office environment were up to 40 times more likely to experience high levels of teamwork, bonding, productivity, and focus.

Choosing your office furniture and layout is integral to this type of satisfaction, and a mini desk is the perfect product to begin with. This type of height adjustable sit or stand desk is purposefully designed to fit into smaller spaces, which is exactly the type of environment that promotes productivity.

Organising your space

If your home wasn’t previously set up for remote working and you’ve had to build a makeshift study area, then a mini desk is a fantastic solution. Whether you need to set up in a quiet corner of your bedroom, a walk-in cupboard or a landing area, your mini desk measures just 1000mm x 600mm, meaning that it will slot right in. Designed with work in mind, a mini desk is better than trying to work from your kitchen table or living room sofa.

Of course, mini desks aren’t just for homeworking. If you have recently downsized your premises and need more space, then your height adjustable desk gives you plenty of options too.

Squeezing in an extra workstation

Do you have a growing team to accommodate? Or perhaps your partner needs to share your office with you? A mini desk is a versatile way to add an extra workstation without compromising on space. Optional extras can be incorporated, such as an under-desk CPU holder, monitor arms, cable spine and anti-fatigue mats so your working environment is both functional and tidy.

Improve your health

A height-adjustable mini desk allows you to easily switch from a seated to a standing position which is essential as part of an active office lifestyle. The average office worker remains seated for as many as seven hours of the day, which increases the risk of spine problems as well as obesity, depression, diabetes and heart disease. By frequently using your mini desk to alternate between sitting and standing, you’re effectively keeping your spine in its natural and optimal ‘S’ shape, whilst also improving blood circulation around the body.

Appealing aesthetics

Employees who are happy with the aesthetics of their office are more likely to thrive, which is why it’s important that your furniture complements your personal style. Choose a mini desk that comes in a range of wood finishes so you have the exact match you’re looking for. Why not start your search today?