How to choose the right e-commerce agency for your business

The rise in e-commerce

According to Statista, revenue in the e-commerce market has rapidly increased and is projected to be worth a staggering £80.6 billion this year. This comes as no surprise when our only method of purchasing anything other than essentials had to be done online during lockdown

Increased revenue within this industry is great news for businesses that are ready to make the most of this ever-expanding market. If you want to improve your use of e-commerce, and choose the right e-commerce agency for your business, then look no further. 

Understanding what you want an agency to do for your business

There are many ways in which an e-commerce agency can help transform your business’s online presence. So, understanding some of the key features they offer is essential when making the decision to use one. Here are some of the ways an e-commerce agency can enhance your business success. 

Increased website traffic – This is a big one. The number of people that view your site quite simply translates as the number of opportunities you have to make connections, share what you do, and keep your customers interested. 

Increase time on site – The longer your customer stays on your website, the more likely they are to buy what you are selling. E-commerce agencies will help you increase your chances of customer retention. 

Increase sales and up-sales – Often clients don’t know a more premium product is available to buy. By highlighting this on your website, your sales and revenue are more likely to increase. 

What to look for in an e-commerce agency

You may be thinking that hiring an e-commerce agency is the right move for your business, but now it’s about finding the best one suited to your needs. 

Do they have experience and knowledge of your business? Try to find work they have done with similar companies before, have a look at case studies and judge their successes. It is important that they have industry experience, and that they work with the right e-commerce platforms for your business. Your business will have individual needs so make sure that they have the tools to work with you and your customers effectively. 

Your business is all about your customer satisfaction. So, does this e-commerce agency put yours and its customers first? They need to have your customers at the forefront of their priorities, and you need to trust that they will make decisions based on what’s best for your customers and your business.  

You want to know that they prioritise revenue and return. Ultimately, everything an agency does should lead to revenue. They need to find ways to generate leads and cut costs where needed. 

The success of e-commerce can be tracked using metrics and KPI’s. In order to grow your business, your agency should be able to identify and track the data that is necessary to grow your business.