How to create a dropshipping business: The first steps

There are many benefits when choosing to sell products online. You avoid the hassle of inventory management, you avoid spending time on the packaging, and you don’t have to think about delivery. But starting a dropshipping business isn’t just fun and easy. It takes a lot of hard work and time to set it all up and to create a platform that’s functional and seems appealing to the customers.

The advent of the internet has made drop business a very popular business model for entrepreneurs. This is first of all due to the fact that you don’t have to stock or even handle the items you’re selling. So it is possible to start a dropshipping business with limited funds.

Here are some pieces of advice to take into consideration if you’re thinking about starting your own dropshipping business:

How dropshipping works

The term dropshipping refers to a method of fulfilling e-commerce, where a merchant collaborates with a supplier and the supplier manufactures, stores and sends the products. Therefore, dealers (or retailers) are not directly responsible for the overall movement of inventory. Stock and shipping are all completed by the supplier.

Find your niche

Like with any other business, starting a dropshipping business is also about creating a brand. You have to market yourself as a trusted and professional merchant – a place where the customers aren’t afraid to buy your things online. This can of course be done in many ways, and here the design of your web shop is very important. Customers need to know what to expect from your shop, keep it focused and avoid a scattergun approach. You have to find a direction, a concept, which is best done if you find a niche.

Start with something you know a lot about and as a result have a good knowledge of potential customers and how you might best reach them. Is it fashion and accessories? Maybe jewellery or beauty products? Or is it outdoor or tech equipment? Finding a niche forces you to narrow down the target group and attract exactly the customers you want. Remember: Less is more. Attracting specific customers, and being aware of who your customers are, will heighten your chance of success with your dropshipping business.

If you want to go in-depth with what to be aware of when branding yourself, you can learn more about how you start a dropshipping business at BNG. Here you’ll find a thorough guide that explains stuff like how to find the right suppliers, how to create a website, and how to set goals – which are all important things you have to take into consideration if you want to create a successful business strategy. 

The information and marketing level has to be high

When creating a dropshipping platform, you spend most of your time and money on marketing research and sales. The customers aren’t able to see and feel the products in real life when buying your products, therefore the information level has to be high, and the marketing has to be great.

Resources for a dropshipping business go primarily to advertising on Google, Facebook, and other social media sites, like Instagram and TikTok. All your hard work and investment goes into it, making it a fairly simplistic, focused business model that many individuals are well-suited to handle.
But to be competitive within the market, you must stay up to date on the latest e-commerce trends – all the time. Read more about online business here, and start your research already today.