How you can help your staff provide even better customer service

A good customer service experience can be all it takes to make or break a potential sale in the eyes of a customer. Having well-trained and motivated staff on hand to provide exceptional customer service throughout the day is essential if you want to ensure that customers have a positive experience while interacting with your business.

So looking for ways that your business can help staff to be the best they can be when it comes to customer service will be especially helpful. It could be hiring senior experienced staff, to training, to specific events from organisers such as CR Worldwide. This article will discuss some of the ways that your business can help staff provide even better service to your customers.

Providing staff training

Training events can be a versatile way to help improve customer service in a variety of ways. It might be that your staff already provide fantastic customer service, and that a training event serves more as a periodic refresher for their skills, such as a short conference every six months or each year.

Perhaps your business is expanding and you’ll be offering additional services to customers. In cases such as this, it can be helpful to provide a training event so that your staff have thorough and detailed knowledge on a service or product so they can better discuss and sell it to customers, such as knowing the benefits of a new range of home appliance, for example.

If a change in your business means you’ll be taking on many new staff members, it can be helpful to provide training events that can help all your new staff get up to speed at the same time.

Providing group training before your new staff members’ official start date can be an efficient and cost-effective way to ensure all new staff are ready to provide exceptional service to your customers as soon as they start.

It might also be a case of new developments within your industry require leading to the need for some staff training. For example, technological advancements might mean that a new piece of equipment is available that can make your business more efficient, such as by providing a service faster, or being able to produce more products in the same time frame.

SPIF days to encourage staff

SPIF days are a great way to add a bit of excitement to an otherwise regular workday. Multiple and individual targets are set throughout a workday, which let your staff earn rewards for providing good customer service and demonstrating their sales skills.

You could choose to organise your SPIF day around a certain theme relevant to your staff’s interests. For example, a business with a lot of film fans could decorate the office before the event to more closely resemble a cinema or a VIP red carpet event.

The prospect of earning rewards to help motivate staff to perform well and succeed, which then trickles down to create a positive experience for your customers. It can also create a sense of friendly rivalry and competition between your staff, which in turn encourages and pushes different teams of staff to succeed against one another, leading to further sales and success for your business.

Rewarding staff for their dedication

You should also keep in mind that incentivising and rewarding your staff in general is a helpful way to encourage them to provide great customer service.

For example, after you’ve completed a SPIF day and rewarded your best performers, you should also consider rewarding other staff as well as thanks. Perhaps you reward the whole office by taking them on a weekend getaway to a popular holiday resort, while your top sellers from an event get additional rewards specific to them.

By rewarding your entire office for their hard work, it helps staff to feel more like part of a corporate family rather than just an employee. By showing that you care about making them feel respected and appreciated as staff, it can in turn make them respect and appreciate your business and brand.

Essentially, rewarding staff can help staff really want to help your business succeed, because they feel like a valued part of it, which means that your staff will want to provide exceptional customer service whenever they can to help your business grow.


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