Manifesto for Women in Business Tweets

Are you attending an event related to self-employment, entrepreneurship or women in business?  Whether you’ll be there in person or following online, it could be a great chance to insert the Manifesto for Women in Business into the discussion via Twitter.  You could also use a tool like Hootsuite to schedule some Tweets .

Below we’ve listed some example Tweets, from the Manifesto and previous events, which you could use.

Link all Tweets to the Manifesto  and use the relevant event hashtag.   Also if there is space in your Tweet please add the Manifesto hashtag: #InvestinWomen2015

Example Tweets

The resilience and flexibility of self-employed women – essential for economic recovery.

Why we need tailored training and support to take the brakes off women’s enterprise

Lots of views on childcare at #Lab14 But do they take into account self-employed women?

As Miliband pledges ‘equality for the self-employed’ today, here is how he can include women: #Lab14

Where there is a level playing field, women-owned firms perform better than those led by men.

#GeneralElection2015 what’s the plan for the fastest growing group in the economy: women who run their own business?

The revolution in women’s business ownership- 30% more self-employed women since 2008 v 7% more men.

More women in leadership roles isn’t just about equality, gender-balance delivers better outcomes for everyone.

Businesses where women make-up at least 30% of the leaders have better financial results.

We need bold steps to improve the gender-balance of business and political leadership.

Enterprise training doubles women’s chances of starting a business, and triples their level of confidence

Women are significantly more likely to take part in business training that is targeted to their needs

What’s needed:  Tailored training and support to take the brakes off women’s enterprise.

Self-employed women return to work a lot more quickly after having children, receive less maternity pay and usually have little maternity cover.

What’s needed:  A full review of maternity and childcare support for women business owners.