Reasons Why Your Business Can Benefit From Direct Mail

With digital marketing techniques taking over the advertising world, many of us may have forgotten what direct mail means or what role it plays in promoting a business. Direct mail is basically a form of marketing where promotional materials are sent to an individual’s home or business through a postal service. Some people refer to direct mail as junk mail because they just appear in your mailbox uninvited. 

That said, particularly when it is used in conjunction with a digital strategy, direct mail can become very effective. If you’re running a small business, not only does it increase your marketing efforts, it helps you get seen and known by your customers. Here are reasons why your business could benefit from it. 

Direct Mail is less disruptive

You know how annoying it is when you’re searching for something online and all of a sudden see pop-ups on your screen. It doesn’t matter how captivating the pop-up design is, you can just click cancel and be done with it. On the other hand, people are rarely overwhelmed with direct mail as they are with those pop-ups, online display ads, or banners.  

Some people look forward to what they receive in the mailbox. Now, since they aren’t inundated by the content of their physical mailbox, there’s more chance that they will open your mailing. It is up to you and your design team to figure out an interesting way to sell your business or products across to them using copywriting, smell, and design.

It’s Cost-Effective

Any form of advertising costs money. If your business must grow or scale, that is inevitable. However, there is expensive and cost-effective advertising; with the latter, you don’t get to spend money unnecessarily

Direct mail marketing is one of such cost-effective means that also increases your chances of being seen by your customer. You even get to save more money when you use a mailmark franking machine, as your mail can be processed in the most cost-friendly way. Depending on the number of materials you’re sending and how far it’s going, you can pay from as low as a few pence to a few pounds.

Mail Has Always Been Relevant

There are so many uncertainties in modern communications, such as when the internet is unexpectedly down or there is a power surge and phones and electricity are down. Amid all that virtual uncertainty, a solid piece of paper you can hold in your hand remains reassuring and reinforces a sense of solidity in your brand. And when electronic communications fail, the postal service keeps going. You can rest assured that it’s legitimate and here to stay.

That is why direct mail marketing can be effective for your company if you give it a chance. People today check their mailbox and their inbox every day because they are aware of how important it is as a form of communication. You can bank on mail marketing for your business because it has and would always be relevant.

Customers Can Respond To Mails Emotionally

Vintage products have been the trend in recent years, giving people that nostalgic feeling. Businesses have capitalized on it and have been at the front of many marketing campaigns. Maybe it’s because people, especially millennials, like to be reminded of the past sometimes. 

When your customers receive a personal note in their mailbox alongside text messaging, social media, and emails, it produces an emotional and nostalgic appeal they can relate with. It also makes them feel that you care about them. As a result, they are more likely to become champions of your product or service and talk about it to their friends and family. 

There Is No Direct Competition

Do you run marketing campaigns online, like the pay-per-click campaign? If yes, there’s no doubt you know that it’s going to be tough for your business’s keyword to rank. In simple terms, the competition is high. 

You don’t get to face that much competition when you are using direct mail, as there are much fewer companies using it. There is also less competition using the mail when you have to grab your customer’s attention.

It is a pretty solid and persuasive marketing tool that can be added to your existing marketing techniques. Even though it’s an old advertising style, it allows you to interact with your target audience directly. They don’t get to click cancel and delete your materials. Of course, they can dispose of it, but direct mail impacts on our five senses so even when it’s binned it leaves a greater residual impression.