The Power of Email Marketing When Used to its Full Potential

With all the new online marketing techniques in use, it is easy to overlook the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns. Email marketing services can help your marketing plans reach their full potential and generate solid returns. Email is back in fashion: in these days of social media overload, many people are returning to their email inboxes as places of relative calm and coherence. 

Email marketing campaigns are a cost-effective way of reaching a client base online. They are an easy way of building brand awareness and can have some of the best results of any other form of online marketing when utilized correctly.

Email campaigns have one of the highest returns on interest or ROI of any online marketing strategy. Estimates of the ROI for email campaigns is a return of between 42-36 dollars for every 1 dollar spent.

What Can Email Marketing Campaigns Do for a Business?

Email campaigns are one of the oldest forms of online marketing, and there is a reason why email marketing campaigns are still in use. They are incredibly successful in generating interest and awareness.

Since its creation, email has become a vital part of the daily routine of millions of people. In an increasingly digital age, the population of daily email users has only grown. Email is one of the ways people stay connected- to their work, the world, and each other. Most importantly for marketing, email can keep people connected with a brand.

Email marketing campaigns have the potential to tap into the flow of everyday life and keep a brand on people’s minds. They continually and gradually build awareness and direct the people you reach into making a sale.

Email campaigns are a form of inbound marketing, targeting people who may not be buying at an exact instance, but who may need your product or service in the future. They keep a business presence within the mind of a customer, making it more likely they will be the first place the customer goes to when they want a particular service or product.

Using an email marketing campaign, a business or brand can easily keep their customers interested and engaged in their products.

How Do You Build a Successful Email Marketing Campaign?

There are a lot of factors at play when creating successful marketing campaigns. There is no difference for email campaigns. To design an effective email marketing strategy it is essential to understand the goals behind the campaign.

There are several different forms of email marketing campaigns, each one best suited to affect a customer base in various ways. Always consider what is best for the product or services and how the desired customer base will react to emails.

Abandoned Cart

One of the most effective forms of email marketing is called an abandoned cart email. This kind of email marketing is great for websites with online shops or purchasing features.

An abandoned cart email sends out emails to people with things left in an online store’s virtual shopping cart. This can be an effective way of getting customers to return to a store and even follow through on making a purchase.

Event or Sale Emails

Another form of email marketing is event or sale emails.

This type of email gets sent whenever a special event or discount is planned and keeps a business on the radar of a customer.

This form of email marketing has the potential to keep a brand on a customer’s mind for a long period. Customers wanting to purchase a product or service will plan their purchase around the announced event. This means a customer will be consciously engaging with that brand, building a connection that may lead to future sales.


Newsletters are another way of using email marketing to keep a brand fresh in the minds of customers. These emails can keep customers up to date with new products and build engagement. They let the customer feel informed about what is going on with a brand or company.

Through newsletters, customers become familiar with brands and will seek them out first when in need of its products or services.

It may be practical to hire an email marketing agency to help you develop the best strategy. Email marketing strategies do not have to be stagnant and can be updated to align with new goals.


Email marketing campaigns have remained a staple of online marketing for a reason. Even in an age with new forms of online marketing, such as through social media, email is still one of the foremost ways of reaching customers in a meaningful way.

Email campaigns, when used to their full potential, are one of the most powerful marketing tools a brand or business has online.

The amount of reach an email campaign has, relative to the effort to set one up, has high returns. They can drive engagement and boost brand awareness with little initial investment.