The Stealthseminar vs. Everwebinar Battle: Who Wins?

If you want to maximize conversations with your automated webinar, you need to choose the right platform.

Often pitted against each other are StealthSeminar vs. EverWebinar. While both are great automated webinar software platforms, it is worth reviewing specific features to see which one best meets your particular needs.

Below, we’ve dissected every program’s feature so that you can choose the best one for your needs.

Automated and Live Webinar Software Services

Both are great with running live and automated webinars. They also make just-in-time scheduling easily achievable.

But even with the platforms’ similarities, you’ll see that one outshines the other.

In this StealthSeminar vs. Ever Webinar debacle, the former fares better in terms of:

  • Hybrid webinars, or the mix of both automated and live webinars
  • Automated live chat option
  • Screen sharing
  • Multiple file type creation
  • SMS reminders

Likewise, Stealth Seminar edges out its competition in terms of:

  • Live functionality, as you can integrate your StealthSeminar output with YouTube Live
  • Event customization
  • Statistics and analytics to measure conversions

Winner: Stealth Seminar, clear as day! It has all the webinar software features that make everything easier.

Importation Feature for Past Webinars

Say you’re tired of your past webinar platforms. You’re planning on migrating your former videos into another one.

Sadly, you can’t do this with EverWebinar. You can import some for a fee, granted that you made them via WebinarJam.

With Stealth Seminar, however, you can add any standard video file into the system. As mentioned, you can even broadcast it as an automated or evergreen webinar.

Best of all, you don’t have to pay for importation as this is already part of every power plan.

Winner: Stealth Seminar, as it’s a free and easy platform to import your past videos.

Automated Webinar Features to Maximize Conversions

If you’re still undecided about the Stealth Seminar vs. EverWebinar match-up, then you should look at each program’s ability to improve conversions.

The former rises above its competition with its distraction-free webinar URL. It will keep your attendees well within your presentation that they end up heeding your call.

It also offers a simplified webinar registration process so that more people sign up for your events.

The former comes with social media and email reminders. That way, your audience won’t forget to attend your webinar.

Stealth Seminar presentations also come with a call-to-action button, which is sure to compel your viewers to act.

The features don’t end here, though. The program also comes with tracking tools that detail your business revenue per year. That way, you get to focus on every post that generates more sales.

Winner: Stealth Seminar, obviously. EverWebinar pales in comparison when it comes to the former’s tools for maximizing conversions.

Webinar Software Customer Support

Not all attendees and presenters are tech-savvy. Some require online support, which Stealth Seminar is more than ready to give.

With this automated webinar software, you can also expect assistance with screen support. The representatives will try to get a better look at your screen so they can propose the right solutions to your problems.

Sadly, you won’t find this assistive feature in Ever Webinar.

Winner: Stealth Seminar for the service that they give to customers. After all, it’s above and beyond the norm!

Audience Bans

You could have a customer that’s spamming your landing pages or chat rooms. If you don’t take any action, they may ruin the reputation of your automated webinars for good.

Stealth Seminar offers a ban feature that’s uncommon among all webinar platforms. That means you can bar some viewers from accessing your video or web page.

That way, you can keep your post exclusive to those who care to watch your event.

Winner: Stealth Seminar for keeping everything stealthy! You don’t have to worry about users who want to damage your business.

Webinar Platform Payment and Pricing

When you compare both software programs, you’ll see a stark difference between the plans and payment.

Should you decide to take Stealth Seminar for a spin, you can quickly sign up for a 30-day free trial. You can’t do this with EverWebinar, as their trial plan costs $1 for a mere 14 days.

You should also consider the pricing plans. You only have the annual option with Ever Webinar. But if you want to try the Seminar Stealth program, you can take hold of affordable monthly plans.

With the Starter plan, you only need to pay $69.95 monthly. The Professional plan costs $99.95, while the Growth plan is $175 per month.

In addition, you get a full refund if everything doesn’t work out within 60 days.

Winner: Depends on your needs. Stealth Seminar is perfect for those looking for a free trial and inexpensive monthly fees. But if you want to save money in the long run, you get a better value with the EverWebinar annual plans.

EverWebinar vs. Stealth Seminar: Who Wins?

Needless to say, Stealth Seminar is the victor in every category.

It offers a wide array of services, including importation, enhanced sales, and excellent customer support. It also offers affordable monthly plans, thus giving you the best value for your money.