Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid As A New Crypto Trader

Trading on Cryptocurrency unleashed a storm in the market as it turned people from rags to riches. And then some back to rags again!  It’s been a wild ride, where getting off at the right time or holding your nerve for the longer term has been key to success.

The potential success of Cryptocurrency is no longer hidden. And more and more people are taking the chance to join Cryptocurrency trading.

If you, too, want to join this particular joy ride, you could use apps like the crypto boom. These apps are a one-stop-shop for new traders and can ease your entry into this domain. As we always say clearly in any crypto-related content, while the potential rewards are high, there are also massive risks and Crypto remains unregulated in most countries. So never invest more than you can afford to lose.

But the main element of concern is the trap where the new investors fall unknowingly. This might bring in a debacle.

Therefore, you need to be conscious of the mistakes new crypto traders make while they trade on Crypto.

The Mistakes That You Need To Avoid 

New traders make some mistakes while they go on to invest in Crypto. First, you must identify the mistakes that you make while you are investing in Cryptocurrency.

So let’s start the discussion right here.

1. Trading Without A Goal 

Trading without a goal is studying without a proper syllabus. If you are now aware of the syllabus, how would you get success? It’s not literally possible.

This same way goes for investment in Cryptocurrency without a definite goal. Therefore you need to definitely take shorter strides.

Take short goals in the initial phase. Then you extend your goal through better investment.

2. Thinking Short Term

This is another huge mistake that small and rookie investors tend to make. They see everything in a shorter space or span of time.

This is a terrible mistake, rather a blunder the new investors tend to make.

The Crypto market is filled with volatility. Now you see that the market is healthy, it might fall drastically within a few hours.

3. FOMO 

This is a sort of mentality that every new Cryptotraderer falls into. Too many Cryptocurrency businesses follow the general trends that are displayed on the internet.

That is mainly on social media. Social media creates the potential viral investment fad. The new investors do not use judgement and blindly swim the flow. This creates unnecessary fear.

According to a survey conducted by the University of Chicago, it is reflected that a massive 24% of Crypto investors receive information regarding Crypto from social media.

Around 25% of the investors receive the information from Crypto exchanges. Therefore there is a lot at stake. Fear of Missing out can sometimes lead to losses.

4. Panic Selling

This is completely opposite to that of FOMO. Here the investors sell their cryptos in anticipation and fear of a sudden fall in the market.

So, for example, if you buy Cryptocurrency at a rate of around $1000, you certainly need to understand the markets are a bit low due to a reduced value of $800; you tend to sell all in fear of an imminent disaster.

But later on, you see that they recovered from the slight edge and went on to increase to around $1450!

Therefore at the end of the day, you end up committing a blunder.

5. Making An Investment All At Once

This tendency that you rookie investors show brings complete danger to you. You must know it. If you invest all at once, you can fall into the trap.

For example, suppose you have planned to invest $5000 in the ETH. Now, if you do it too early, you will see that there will be risks and uncertainty your one-time investment might face.

Therefore it is smart to have your investment in different junctures? If you are doing it, in some cases, you can have time to read the ups and downs of the market.

Suppose you are buying $10,000 in ETH, do not take the risks of buying them all at once.

If you have formulated this plan, abort it right now. Instead, you could divide the total investment over ten months, that is $1000 a month.

This will do nothing but reduce your risk in investment.


In order to conclude, it could be understood that investment in Cryptocurrency is fraught with risks and uncertainty.

The Cryptocurrency market is quite volatile. Therefore you must be careful. If you are a new investor, you ought to avoid the aforementioned mistakes. Best of luck with your entry into the Crypto business.