Top Tips For Global Business Travel During Covid

As countries open up to international travel following the travel bans during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, understanding how to navigate the changed world of business travel can be challenging. Business travellers need to adjust to a new normal, both during the travel process and once they reach their destination. 

To make things easier when you travel, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Stay Vigilant

Travellers are at increased risk for developing and transmitting the disease, even those who have already been vaccinated. While business travel may be unavoidable, it’s essential to stay vigilant when traveling. 

Most airlines and transportation companies have rules around passenger safety. However, travellers should keep in mind that it’s essential to stay masked, even if their method of travel does not require it of them. This helps protect both themselves and fellow passengers. 

Additionally, follow all safety guidelines at your destination – not only is doing so legally required, but it will also help protect you and those around you.

Stay Informed About Travel Restrictions

While cities and countries are opening up, many are doing so only in a limited and controlled manner. Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that governmental guidelines do not extend to guidelines followed by other businesses in the city.

For example, there are very few travel restrictions for people visiting New York. However, it’s still a good idea to have a vaccination passport New York locals will tell you has specific features. This is important to have on you at all times, as many businesses require proof of vaccination. This includes indoor dining establishments, movie theatres, coffee shops, and museums.

Being aware of both governmental requirements and those commonly followed by other businesses ensures that you will always be able to entertain yourself if you have downtime between meetings. Additionally, depending on what hotel requirements are, you may need to follow them to ensure you have access to the meetings, to begin with. 

Invest in Travel Insurance

Traveling during Covid-19 is still an uncertain endeavor. While countries are opening up, many are also instating new lockdowns due to renewed case numbers.

If your ticket is for more than a week from when you booked it, it’s always best to have financial protection in case your travel plans are canceled. Thus, while it has always been important to have travel insurance, it’s more essential than ever during Covid-19. Insurance allows you to recoup at least part of the costs you spent on your planned trip, including flight tickets.

Ideally, you should purchase travel insurance when you buy your flight tickets. Though you can buy it at any time leading up to your departure, purchasing it earlier allows you to take advantage of additional coverage that can come in handy. This includes coverages allowing you to “cancel for any reason,” which can come in handy if you choose not to travel due to personal concerns rather than governmental guidelines.

While business travel during Covid-19 may seem concerning, taking a few precautions when planning your trip can make things significantly easier. While there is the hope of returning to business travel as usual after the pandemic, the continuing nature of the situation means that it’s always important to be prepared.