Useful Hacks That You Need To Know When Recruiting New Employees

It’s not an easy task to find the right employee. There are many things that you need to consider when it comes to hiring someone new, and there is a lot of trial and error involved in the process. It can be difficult finding candidates who will work well with your team.  Here are a few hacks that might just help improve your odds of finding the right person for your business. 

Make it easy

Broadcasting your job ad widely can be fine if you need people with low levels of skill or experience. But if you are seeking candidates with specialist skills, then you should consider niche recruiters such as IT or supply chain recruiters

Times have changed and these days people are increasingly likely to find out about recruitment opportunities through their smartphones. If you are recruiting in high volume and turnover industries like hospitality and retail then text-based applications can increase the quality of applicants. You can learn more with Teamsense about this approach. 

Whether that’s through professional networks on LinkedIn, or shout-outs on Facebook and Twitter, social media can be an authentic and impactful way to spread the word.  If your company uses social media for brand awareness, then this can also be used as a recruitment tool so that more candidates will know about the openings at your company. You don’t have to just post job listings on Twitter or Facebook, but you can also use these platforms to speak with possible candidates. This way, they will already have a connection with your company before applying for the position which could help increase their likelihood of being hired if they are qualified enough.

Include Relevant And Detailed Information On Job Listings

When you’re creating a job listing, be sure to include as much detail about the position as possible. This will help attract more qualified candidates who are interested in learning more about what is involved with the role.

Don’t just list the responsibilities, but also include information about what an employee will learn and how their skills can grow. Also, make sure to mention any perks associated with working for your company. This might be including the location of the office or other benefits like gym memberships, transportation reimbursement, or even tuition reimbursements if you offer them. It’s important to be transparent with your employees about all of the benefits that they will receive to keep them satisfied and happy.

Including a salary range is also helpful because it helps you weed out candidates who are either too expensive or not qualified enough for the position. This makes sure that only those applicants with relevant experience apply for your job listing.

Personalize The Application Process

Personalizing the application process makes sure that your potential employees are thoroughly interested in both your company and the role. Tailoring your questions to their specific situation and experience level will help you to find out more about their attitude and personal skills as well as their professional skills and abilities. Not only will this help weed out candidates who aren’t qualified enough, but it also ensures that you’re hiring employees who will fit well into your company culture and team. 

Offer Referral Bonuses

Referral bonuses can help in areas where there is a shortage of potential applicants. This has long been relevant for highly skilled professionals like software developers or engineers, and at the moment in the UK, it’s also relevant for talented chefs and even Amazon warehouse staff.  When demand is greater than the supply of potential staff, then employers need to find ways of making themselves more attractive. 

Offer Flexible Hours

The opportunity to work flexibly will expand the pool of applicants to include many more who may have caring responsibilities or mobility issues. Talented people are often prepared to trade off a degree of salary for the ability to work from home and flexibly. It is worth a great deal and can help to build a high level of commitment and loyalty to your company from these staff. If employees feel like their personal lives are being respected by their employers, then this builds trust within the relationship which makes them more likely to stay on board for the long term.

Offer Opportunities For Advancement

If your company regularly promotes from within, then this can be a great way to attract new talent. Many people don’t want to work for a big corporation that doesn’t allow them to advance or grow their careers. If you’re able to develop an internal training program and promote employees who have been with your company for a long time, then this will not only ensure that your company’s culture stays intact but it can help you reach out to new people who are interested in joining the team.

Recruiting the right people at the right time is rarely straightforward. These days it is tougher than ever. These aren’t the only ways to improve your recruitment processes, but they might just help.