Want To Increase Your Instagram Engagement? Here’s How

With over 700 million users, Instagram has become a central social media platform. It’s an easy way for business owners to share their brand with the world and gain exposure. But there’s one problem: you’ve likely noticed that organic reach is low. You might also be wondering why can’t I see comments on instagram. Those issues can make it a challenge to effectively promote your business on Instagram.

50.6% of Instagram users identify as male, while the remaining 49.4% are females, highlighting the platform’s diverse user base and emphasizing the need for targeted marketing strategies to effectively reach and resonate with both genders.

If you’re looking to improve your engagement on Instagram, try the following tips. They can help create a steady stream of activity on your page so that people are more likely to notice your posts organically. Here are ways you can increase engagement on your Instagram page:

Grow Your Audience

The first step in increasing your Instagram engagement is to grow your audience. You can do this by using tools that boost the growth for Instagram followers. These tools can help you grow your Instagram page without doing anything for it. You can also use hashtags to attract a wider audience, see here for a range of hashtag facts. Popular hashtags include #love, #fashion, and #travel. Make sure you’re using only relevant hashtags because every post you upload must be accompanied by at least one hashtag. If a user clicks a hashtag in your post, they’ll see other posts tagged with the same thing. This will help them discover your brand.

Plan Ahead

You’ll also want to consider planning and scheduling your posts in advance. For busy brands, this is a great way to save time and remain consistent with your Instagram activity because you can upload content at times when the most people are likely active on the platform, like during lunch breaks or after work. Additionally, you’ll need to consider which apps are best for scheduling your posts. Some, like Later, are specifically tailored to Instagram users who want to schedule their content at optimal times for engagement. However, because it exists solely as an extension of Instagram, you can’t use this app unless you have access to the platform already.

Pay Attention To Timing

Timing refers to when you post on your Instagram page. It’s important to know which days and times have the most activity because this helps you plan your posts accordingly to improve engagement. Certain days of the week are more popular on Instagram than others. These include Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Additionally, posts between 9-11 a.m. and 3-5 p.m. tend to receive the most likes and comments on Instagram, so make sure that your posts are scheduled during these times if you want them to get noticed by more people.

In addition, Mondays and Tuesdays are the most popular days for brands on Instagram, while Thursdays and Fridays tend to have the highest engagement rates. So if you’re looking for more likes on your posts, make sure you post them throughout the week at different times and on different days.

Stay Consistent Online and Offline

It’s important to stay consistent both online and offline. This way, your audience will always recognize your brand and look out for posts you make on Instagram. Additionally, this helps your followers more easily find you if they don’t have the app downloaded on their phones or want to check out what you post from their computer.

To maintain consistency in both your offline and online marketing, make sure your logo remains the same across all platforms as well as your overall brand image. Your background images, profile photos, and other imagery should remain consistent so that whenever someone sees something related to your brand, they know it’s you. The same applies to your tagline and font choice in your captions.

Utilize Instagram Stories

If you want to increase engagement on your Instagram page, consider using Instagram stories. These are quick videos or images that can be uploaded for 24 hours and garner up to 150 million views per day. This is great if you want to reach a wider audience without having to pay for ads since everyone uses this feature.

To get the most engagement from your followers, try uploading stories on weekday mornings or on weekends. These are more likely to be viewed since fewer people are active on Instagram during the workweek. As with any type of social media marketing strategy, it’s also important to test different types of content and see what works best for you. For example, if you’re running a sale in your store, you might want to test out different types of photos or videos you can use. You can also try asking people for their opinion through polls so they feel more involved in your social media strategy.

Know Your Audience

The best way to gain more engagement on your Instagram page is to know who you’re trying to reach in the first place. For example, suppose your customer base is mainly teenage girls. In that case, you’ll want to use hashtags that relate to teens like #teen, #waterfallbraids, or even a celebrity with a strong following among this age group.

On the other hand, if your customer base is older women, you might consider using hashtags like #womenshealthmagazine instead. If you’re not sure what hashtags relate to your brand, consider paying for Instagram analytics tools like Engagement Labs, which can help you learn more about who’s interacting with your content on the platform.

Use Aesthetic Filters

Another key to Instagram success is ensuring that your photos have a uniform aesthetic. In other words, the lighting, colour, and tone need to be consistent across all of your posts to maintain brand recognition. However, you don’t want every picture you post to look the same because this will bore your followers. That’s why it’s essential to mix in at least one photo that uses a unique filter. You can also experiment with darken/light photos to see which ones receive the most engagement from your audience.

In general, it’s best to avoid filters that completely alter the appearance of your images and use filters like Juno and Sierra when you want extra color in your post. Avoid using photo filters like Lo-Fi and Brannan since they give your image an unprofessional look.

In conclusion, to gain more likes, comments, and followers on your Instagram page, you’ll want to consider posting at different times throughout the week, planning by scheduling posts in advance, using growth hacking tools for hashtags, knowing who you’re targeting with each post based on demographics and location tags related to your customer base, and continuing to optimize your hashtags.