Why Employees Need First Aid Training

First Aid training is essential in any workplace. It is also an added and highly-valued skill that you can offer to employees. Employers in the UK need to meet the moral and legal obligations by providing first aid training to employees. Having trained and motivated employees is a benefit to any organization.

Most businesses offer first aid certified training courses to employees. Whether you are looking for first aid courses in Glasgow , London, Bristol or Cardiff, it’s important to find training organisations that offer proper certification and that cover all the first aid basics and provide practical learning experience.

Let’s look at some reasons why employees need first aid training.

Reduce Workplace Accidents

Employees aware of safety rules and regulations tend to be more aware of their surroundings. Often, accidents in offices have been averted thanks to a few employees’ watchful and alert gazes. Things like leakages, mould, live wires, unhealthy sanitary conditions and so on, pointed out by employees, have actually helped reduce the accidents.

Minimizing risk to workers and eventually decreasing the number of workplace accidents helps employers keep people safe. First aid training reduces accidents and lawsuits for employers.

First Aid Training Save Lives

While this point seems too obvious, it must be mentioned. First aid does save countless lives. Too many people have died due to inadequate first aid. Small things like placing the head above the ground to allow blood flow to the brain, easing restrictive clothing to allow for proper breathing, and even applying pressure to open wounds to staunch bleeding can help save peoples’ lives.

Employees need first aid to protect themselves and others in case of emergencies. Many times, first responders take a few minutes to reach the scene of the accident. In that time, correctly administered first aid can save lives.

Positive Work Environment

Employers that provide first aid training to their staff show everyone that they care about the employees’ safety and well-being. Making first aid training available to employees is an excellent method of showing that you (as an employer) are invested in their health and safety. Knowing this helps boost employee morale and also works as a fantastic team-building exercise.

When employees know that the business owners care for them, the relationship built is a strong and long-lasting one. Apart from the essential benefits of first aid training, enabling a positive work environment helps increase efficiency at work.

Correct Use Of First Aid Kits

All businesses are mandatorily expected to keep first aid kits readily available for use. Employees who are trained in first aid will know how to use them correctly. Medication and medical equipment aren’t cheap. Having people know how to use them properly helps save money in re-stocking items.

Also, in case of emergencies, first aiders will know which medical items to use for what. For example, suppose another employee falls and injures themselves. In that case, the first aider can use the antiseptic liquid to clean the wound, apply a soothing lotion or cream, and then place a bandage over the wound to staunch the bleeding. If the first aider was not well-trained, there might be incorrect use of the medical items, like putting a burn ointment on a scrape or misusing an ice pack.

The benefit for employers is that employees with first aid training become health and safety managers by default.

First Aid Reduces Recovery Time

When employees are given excellent first aid by their colleagues, there is a chance they will need less time to recover. Workers that need more recovery time cannot return to work very quickly. Rapid first aid helps decrease the recovery time and helps the business save money in the long term.

First aid also ensures that people’s lives are saved till ambulances and paramedics arrive on the scene. Administering first aid correctly helps employees get back on their feet quicker. Not only are their lives saved, but they can also get back to work and on with their lives more quickly.

Increases Employee Confidence and Clarity in Emergencies

There are many times when accidents happen out of the blue without the help of any medical personnel on the scene. First aiders with training can help keep patients’ vitals stable till doctors arrive on the scene.

First aid helps train employees to remain calm, collected, and confident in emergencies. Things like fires breaking out, earthquakes, accidents, falls, and more need to be managed by people who know how to keep others calm. First aiders also act as first responders and help keep situations under control. First aiders tend to carry out their duties without any confusion and panic.