Training to Improve the Well-Being and Safety of Your Staff

Managing staff is a big responsibility for every employer. You are responsible for their safety and well-being while they are at work. No workplace is free from hazards, whether a factory or office. Employers ensure their staff’s safety by setting rules for using machinery or avoiding hazardous places in the workplace parameters. 

However, it is not enough to improve the well-being and safety of your employees as they should be aware of other dangers and how to deal with them in case of emergency. The following training programs are designed to ensure that every employee is safe and healthy at work.

Harassment and Violence Prevention Training

Unfortunately, a lot of people, especially women, are the target of sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace. A study has found that 74% of domestic violence victims were harassed or attacked in the workplace. It is essential for every employer to ensure that their employees are safe physically and mentally at work. 

Harassment and violence prevention training as well as sexual harassment prevention training programs should spread awareness of how to recognize risky behavior and signs of potential domestic violence that might happen at work. The training program should also include how to react to these threats and how to report them while staying safe. This kind of training can save your employees’ lives and create a safe environment for them.

Workplace Ergonomics Training

It is believed that ergonomics training is only viable for heavy-duty jobs that include a lot of physical tasks. However, an employee sitting at their desk is prone to various injuries and they must identify what they are and how to avoid them. Ergonomic workplace injuries are not only bad for your employees’ health but they also can cost your company a lot of money in compensation claims and loss of productivity. 

Surprisingly, the most common ergonomic injuries are Carpal Tunnel syndrome, inflammations, Hernia, sprains, and strains which can happen in any workplace no matter how safe it is. Workplace ergonomic training will show your employees how to sit, lift, and do various physical movements without causing injuries which will result in fewer sick days and low health costs.

Equipment Safety Training

Even skilled and experienced employees are prone to work-related accidents if they don’t receive the proper health and safety training on how to use job equipment. If you have acquired new machinery or updated an old one, it is essential to train your employees on how to use them as they might not know the ins and outs of this particular machine. 

The training differs from one industry to another, so you should train your employees on all equipment or machinery they will use during their job. Needless to say, the employees must be provided with personal protective gear to reduce the risk of injuries.

Human Trafficking Training

Sadly, human trafficking is still a threat to many people worldwide and your employees are not an exception. It is essential for your employees to have a good understanding of human trafficking to be able to recognize if someone is in danger and how to report it effectively. Proper training will help your employees notice behavioral patterns and signs that will show if someone is a victim of human trafficking or if someone is trying to lure them with malicious intent. 

The safety and well-being of your employees are important and they must know how to protect themselves and others around them from human trafficking.

Management Training

Managers are one of the main reasons for work-related stress. A manager can make or break a team depending on how they deal with the team members. When employees trust a manager, they will go to that manager for assistance with personal issues, health problems, workload, stress, and other problems. 

Training your managers on leadership and communication skills will enable them to lead their teams and improve not only their productivity but also their well-being and safety. Other beneficial training courses for managers include Stress Awareness, Coaching Skills, Managing Team Conflict, and Successful Behaviors for Leaders.

Keeping your employees safe and healthy will promote awareness in your business and create a healthy environment for the employees. It will also make you an attractive business for job seekers as they know they will be safe as long as they work with you. 

It is essential to have induction training for all new employees about all the safety procedures in your business. Refresher training is required to remind the employees of what they learned in induction training and to teach them new techniques or information as you update your training program. Training that improves your employees’ well-being and safety must be an ongoing process.