4 Hairstyles you can make this Summer using Hair Extensions

Summer is here and it is time for a break from the daily grind. Imagine long days spent at the beach, mimosas at brunch and cool evenings by the pool. You just need to be sure that you have your summer OOTDs all planned. And while planning your outfits, you also need to think about hairstyles, as the warm weather calls for easy, breezy, and low-maintenance hairstyles. 

While you may want to try out a bunch of ideas off of Pinterest, you may not have the hair length and thickness to pull them off. In such cases, it is worth considering using hair extensions to achieve lengthy, thick, and luscious locks. The extensions you use should be low-maintenance and long-lasting so that you don’t have to bother with a trip to the salon every other week for upkeep. Quality extensions look completely real and save you years in growing time.  

Here are four long-hair hairstyles that are top trends this summer using nano bond hair extensions:


Textured fishtail braids

Braids will always be a winner when it comes to summer hairstyles because they can last from day to night, and go with a ton of cute summer looks. By using extensions in your hair before you braid them, you can achieve a classy and long fishtail braid that you can style with your casual and dressy looks alike. Also, be sure to use a hairspray to tuck away any flyaways from your braid, and use a strong elastic band to secure your hair in place.


A messy ponytail

A beachy and messy ponytail is yet another coveted hairstyle for summers. The fact that it looks so effortless yet so classy is truly baffling, but let’s just say that messy ponytails work with every outfit regardless of the time of day. To achieve the perfect messy ponytail you need the perfect length, volume, and texture. While you can achieve texture by using any texture spray, using hair extensions will give you that envious length and thickness.


Mermaid waves

Mermaid waves are yet another stunning summer hair-do that requires little to no maintenance. The best part about getting mermaid waves is that even if you don’t wash your hair the next morning, the waves look fabulous after loosening up at night. To achieve mermaid waves, you need to use hair extensions, texture spray, heat protectant, and a trusted curling wand.


A messy bun

A messy bun is another classic and ever-so-popular summer hairstyle that has been trending for about a decade. To make your bun appear voluminous, you need to use hair extensions, and may even have to tease them into your natural hair. A messy bun is the easiest summer hairstyle to achieve, and all you need would be a rat tail comb, bobby pins, and hair ties that are the same color as your hair.


The above-mentioned four summer hairstyles are easy to achieve with minimal products and hair extensions. Now that you know what to do, go out and enjoy the sun and make the most of this fun season.