Top summer schools to study law

For some, summer is the time to pack your bags and jet off to a sunny holiday destination. However, many students decide to make the most of their summer break by applying to a summer programme to gain an insight into their chosen subject.

Summer law programmes are a great way to learn invaluable skills from industry experts, as well as interact and network with other students from different backgrounds.

Summer programmes make a great addition to any CV and can help students to stand out amongst the crowd. Studying on one of these courses shows initiative and dedication, as well as a hunger to learn.

Top summer schools to study law

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best summer schools around the world to study law. Students on the courses can gain an insight into what life is like at world-leading institutions, as well as learn essential skills and knowledge that can propel them towards a bright career in the legal field.

Oxford Royale Academy

Few universities in the world have the same world-class reputation as the University of Oxford does. Students that attend the Oxford Royale Academy summer school programme have the opportunity to study law within the prestigious grounds of the university and attend lectures and guest talks by subject experts.

Oxford Royale’s Law, Politics and Economics programme helps to prepare students for what they can expect from a law degree at university. There will be advice and guidance on public speaking, logical reasoning, and debating, which are all substantial skills to add to a university or job application. Some of the topics covered in the course include trade, human rights and globalization.

The Oxford summer school is a melting pot of over 170 nationalities, which gives students an opportunity to interact with others who speak various languages and are from different cultures. Each class is made up of around 15 students, so the tutors are able to dedicate some time to each individual student throughout the course’s duration.

Oxford Royale Academy organises excursions in and around Oxford so that students can some of the historic sites that the UK is famous for. Fees start from £5,495, which includes tuition, accommodation at the University of Oxford, meals and cultural programmes. At the end of the two-week course, students will be awarded a graduation certificate at a ceremony that friends and family are invited to.

U.S.-German Summer Law School Giessen

The Faculty of Law at Justus Liebig University Giessen, the Marquette University Law School and the University of Wisconsin Law have joined together to create the U.S.-German Summer Law School Giessen, which is now in its 14th year. Students can choose to study two courses out of the following options:

  • International Economic Law & Business Transactions
  • Business Ethics and Human Rights Law
  • Comparative Constitutional Law
  • International Intellectual Property Law

Each programme last four weeks, in which time students can improve their understanding of EU law and the legal system, as well as their grasp of the German language.

In addition to classes, students will also participate in two three-day field trips to Berlin and Brussels. The trips will also include visits to the cities’ European Parliamentary buildings, as well as cultural and historic sites such as the remains of the Berlin Wall. Both trips are included in the summer school fee of €1250 – €1900 (price dependant on whether students have a scholarship).

New Technology & Business Law Summer Programme

Students are taught 30 topics in three weeks on the New Technology & Business Law Summer Program at the European Centre for Career Education in Prague, Czech Republic. One of the main focuses of the course is on new technologies and their impact on legal aspects of the business world.

As well as learning about legal subjects, such as Corporate Law and Employment & Labour Law, the course also includes classes on soft skills. like public speaking and networking. Students will also learn about legal jargon and career development, as well as internship opportunities with household names such as Lego, Siemens and T-Mobile.

The course lasts for four weeks and includes a weekend trip to cultural sites in the Czech Republic. You will also gain a graduation certificate and a reference that you can use in future education and work applications. Early bird prices start from €2500 for scholarship students and €3500 for non-scholarship students.

Summer Law and English (SLE)

The Summer Law and English (SLE) course is perfect for international law students that are hoping to get a headstart in learning about the legal system in the United States. It is especially ideal for students that hope to become lawyers, business professionals or join other legal roles in the country.

This four-week programme is held at the University of Southern California USC Gould School of Law in Los Angeles, USA. Applications are welcome from students of all levels of English fluency as the lecturers are specialists in teaching students who aren’t native English speakers.

Course attendees will learn a basic understanding of law in the United States as well as staple skills such as writing legal briefs and memos. Students will work alongside each other in teams and engage in problem-solving activities and presentations. It is a good opportunity to network with business professionals from international backgrounds to help them prepare for a law degree.

The Lawyer Portal Summer School

Whilst there are excellent law summer schools around the world, it’s sometimes easier to study in the comfort of your own home. The Lawyer Portal Summer School is a virtual course that helps students to develop legal skills and learn about what it takes to become a solicitor or barrister.

Students are also given guidance to help them choose which university they would like to study at in the future and how they can apply to them. Advice is also given on how to study for the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE), along with a panel with current law students so that any questions about law school can be answered.

The two-week programme costs £1,000 and includes virtual participation in mock trials and legal skills training. This course is conducted via Zoom, so students will need a reliable internet connection to take part in the online summer school course.

LSE Summer School

The London School of Economics and Political Science has a law course that was ranked in the top ten law departments in the world by QS World University Rankings in 2021. It’s little wonder that the LSE Summer School is so popular, considering the excellent opportunity that it gives students to be able to study at the university.

Students can learn about topics such as commercial law, international human rights law and international relations. The law summer school is split up into three sessions, in addition to an optional one week English prep course. The student rate (for current students at the university) costs between £2,600 and £5,100, whilst the rate for non-students costs between £3,500 and £7,950.

The law summer courses at LSE are continually updated to cover current global issues and legal practice. Each module is based upon those that are taught to undergraduates and therefore gives students a real insight into what they can expect when studying for a law degree. Students will also have the chance to interact with other students from a wide range of nationalities and backgrounds. They can also participate in social activities such as treasure hunts, theatre trips and excursions around the capital city.