4 simple and effective ways to boost your confidence at work

Maybe you’ve been stuck in the same job for too long and boredom’s setting in, or your team has changed and you’ve no longer got a work best friend to see you through the day, or perhaps you’re just going through a bit of a rough patch at home…

…whatever the reason, your confidence at work has taken a hit.

It’s a familiar situation most of us will find ourselves struggling to deal with at some point or another during our careers.

But that doesn’t mean you should keep your head down and hope it all passes over.

Being miserable for eight hours a day, five days a week is no way to live.

To help you get your spirits and job satisfaction soaring again, we’re sharing four simple and effective strategies that are guaranteed to give your confidence a much-needed boost. Check them out…

#1: Set yourself small, achievable goals

There’s no better feeling than finally ticking your way through a jam-packed to-do list, so split up any major work projects (especially the ones keeping you up all night worrying) into small, manageable tasks.

Setting yourself smaller goals and actually achieving them is much better for your confidence than focusing on the scary big picture all the time. Use an app like Wunderlist to help you adopt this useful habit. As Wunderlist was shut down on the 6th of May 2020, a lot of Wunderlist users are searching for an alternative. It seems to be that at the moment Zenkit To Do is the closest Wunderlist alternative: https://zenkit.com/todo

#2: Pursue further training

Learning new skills and boosting your background knowledge is a great way of making yourself feel more confident at work, so don’t be afraid to ask your boss about inhouse training opportunities or possibilities available to employees.

But don’t worry if that’s not an option. You can still teach yourself some new skills by watching TED talks, following industry-specific blogs, or signing up to a work-related evening course at your local college.

#3: Change up your look

Changing up your usual office style is a great way of injecting yourself with some much-needed inspiration and breaking yourself out of a rut – and you don’t have to spend a fortune buying a whole new wardrobe to do it. Instead of a make-over have a refresh.

Think about how others see you and then try to surprise them and yourself. It doesn’t need to be an extreme change. You can brighten up your existing wardrobe with a few new accessories. A new scarf or beads can transform a dull old sweater. Try your hair in a
different style like an updo with hair bands and invest in some up-to-date

#4: Improve your stress management

Most of us will experience work-related stress at one point or another, but if constant worries and anxieties are making you feel inadequate in your job, then you need to do something about it. No paycheque or promotion is worth sacrificing your mental wellbeing.

You don’t have to fork out for expensive therapy to improve your stress management skills. Download Headspace, the app designed to help users indulge in some soothing self-reflection, to encourage yourself to take time out for relaxation (even on insanely busy days).

Give our four confidence-boosting tips a go and you’ll soon be happily skipping into the office every morning! Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know how you get on.

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