5 Best Methods to Market Your Home Online

Conventional methods of selling a house have taken a back seat in recent years as more people opt to use online marketing strategies. The digital age has taken over the real estate industry, which was bound to happen considering how much of our daily activities are dependent on the internet.

But choosing the digital route to sell your house does have many advantages. Apart from convenience and speed, you are likely to save on estate agent fees by hiring an online agent like House Network to help you sell your house. Nonetheless, before taking the first step, here are tips to guide you in selling your home online.

Is it possible to sell your house online without an estate agent’s help?

It is true that you can advertise and sell your property fast online  without an estate agent’s help provided that you are familiar with every step of the process, but going without an estate agent is quite risky. What an estate agent can do for you is to determine an excellent selling price that will ensure that you sell your house as soon as possible.

Remember that the estate agent’s job is to market your property full-time. There is a big difference between doing it yourself when you are free, versus allowing a professional to access their tried and tested tools to get the best results. To learn more have a look at this handy real estate marketing agencies article.

Good photographs matter

Selling online means the buyer will rely on the quality and quantity of photos posted to judge whether or not your property is worth a second look. Presentation or ‘staging’ is a crucial step in taking excellent pictures that will highlight the features of your house and showcase your property. If possible, hire a professional to take the photos and make sure that you clean up, put up good curtains, and aim for the most visually appealing angles.

Pay for a premium listing

A premium listing will expose your property to more buyers; thus, increasing the chance of closing a sale quickly. Premium websites are those top sites trusted and visited by buyers, and it is worth your money to put your listing up on these sites. You can ask your online estate agent if they can handle this for you. They will probably charge you a little bit extra, but it is indeed cheaper than doing it on your own.

Carefully check the listing details

One advantage of working with an online estate agent is the ability to monitor your listing details and adjust if necessary. The seller has access to every aspect that is posted online and can verify if any mistakes need to be corrected.

Accurate listing details give a good impression to potential buyers when they come over for a viewing. Apart from this, the Consumer Protection Regulation also monitors compliance in accurately describing products and services online.

Maximise services from your online estate agency

To get full value out of the fee you pay for the services of your online estate agency, make sure that you are maximising their services to your advantage. For example, online estate agents allow you to arrange property viewings after office hours and make offers to buyers round the clock. You may also check if the online estate agency gives sellers access to a platform to view buyer requests directly. These services result in a more transparent and convenient sales process.

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