The five P’s of business success

Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

This statement could not be more true.

Did you know most millionaires accomplish more by 8 a.m. than the average person accomplishes in an entire day?

Think about your average day.

Do you feel as if your family is demanding your attention, your business is going in ten different directions, and you cannot remember what free time really is?

As a work from home direct sales consultant I quickly come to the realization in the beginning of my career that time management was essential to productivity and harmony.

As a naturally self-disciplined individual and homeschooling mother, I did not find it difficult to adhere to a set schedule. However once I began to build a large team I realized that not everyone has the same amount of discipline.

5 Principles Of Business & Personal Growth

Through coaching and mentoring of others I developed a philosophy called the 5 “P”s or the “5 Principles of Business Growth”.

Consistently growing on a personal level is required for business growth.

  1. Productivity—You accomplish productive tasks, not just “keep busy.”
  2. Professionalism—You always speak and present yourself in a professional manner.
  3. Present —You are fully present in every moment and never multi-tasking.
  4. Positivity—You cannot have positive productivity and growth while being negative.
  5. Purpose—Your every act has a purposeful intent.

A very easy way to make sure you are managing your time effectively is to take the activity you are engaging in and see where it fits within the philosophy of the five “P”s of personal growth and development.

If you find that you cannot give yourself a good answer, assess the situation and where you are in your business. If you are not content with where you are in your business, perhaps it’s time to engage in a new activity that will add value to yourself, your business or others.

Personal And Business Success

Home business success depends upon our ability to stay motivated and focused in both your personal and business affairs.

Working from home can create a lot of distractions.

The physical environment can be very comfortable yet can also be very hectic at times. We have the luxury of not having to punch a time clock or have a supervisor watching over us – we are our own supervisors and must hold our selves accountable at all times.

# 6 “P” In The Principles Of Business

As a home based direct sales entrepreneur, the old adage Work Hard & Play Later must always be in effect. Once you able adhere to the 5 principles of business throughout your working hours, you can then reward yourself later with the Sixth “P”….


Enjoy yourself; you have earned it!

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