5 Reasons Your Café Business Needs a POS System

With the transformation of our high streets around social interactions and experiences, the coffee shop business sector continues to grow strongly. In a sluggish retail market, coffee shop revenues were up 7.3% last year. There has rarely been a better time to start an independent coffee shop. 

Nevertheless running a cafe remains one of the trickiest businesses to get right. The failure rate is high. The most successful outlets use the best business as well as culinary and customer service tools. Keeping on top of your café expenses is essential. One of the most important tools you can use to ensure your business runs efficiently and smoothly for customers is a point of sale (POS) system. Here are 5 reasons why: 

1. Quick Checkout

In order to keep queues moving and make sure customers can take their seats without standing around for ages, an efficient checkout process is paramount. One thing you can be sure of is that a POS system like those offered by StoreKit brings an organised checkout whether using key entry or barcode scanning. Void or refund transactions are quickly dealt with and offer accurate accountability at a later date.

2. Inventory Tracking

Having a supply of recipe ingredients is vital, you can potentially lose trade if you have a disorganise re-order system and customers cannot get the items they were hoping to order. POS systems help create an inventory that can provide accurate information about the popularity of items and the amounts sold so you can stay on track with orders.

3. Multiple Payment Methods

Customers will have their preferred payment method, and there is nothing more off-putting than trying to place an order only to be embarrassed when the shop assistant refuses a card payment because the shop is cash only. It is vital that customers can pay for their orders in the way they choose from cash to card to the newer Apple Pay and other device-based payment methods. Good businesses keep up and offer as many payment methods as possible, and a POS makes this much more accessible.

4. Grows With the Business

Cash registers are old school and really do not offer much in the way of upgrade options. A good POS system will grow with your business and provide many additional software modules that can easily be added when you need them. There is a lot of scope to create a bespoke system from all the components on offer, and this ensures that you are maximising your customer service and hitting your growth potential.

5. Accurate and Detailed Reporting

POS systems are worth their reporting weight in gold. Understanding your cafe business is more than just the daily running, it is working with facts and figures to spot missed opportunities and understand customer trends. A good POS will offer detailed reporting from any angle allowing you to see what is going on, where you can improve and what you can potentially do without while taking the business in a new direction. This information can make all the difference between a business that thrives or dies, whether you are on a competitive high street or in a more niche location.

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