5 Ways in Which Facebook Dynamic Ads are Revolutionizing Ecommerce

Dynamic ads are all the hype in marketing these days. They allow retailers and brands to advertise many products in different combinations and reach the target shoppers in record time. What does this mean for your eCommerce business?

With over 2 billion active social users monthly, Facebook is a great place to advertise a brand. Marketers in the eCommerce sector sure know this. Right now, eCommerce is the top industry on this network, which means that your competition is working hard on attracting social users.

Seeing how big the potential is to get more leads on Facebook, you need to get in on this game. Paid ads are one of the best ways to increase brand awareness and make more sales, and Facebook introducing dynamic ads makes this more than possible right now. 

Thanks to dynamic ads, you won’t lose potential clients that were distracted before they made an order. Artificial intelligence has made it possible for sellers to remind leads that they wanted to buy something or push them a bit to make up their minds. 

Sounds amazing, right? 

If this sounds like something you would want for your eCommerce store, you’re in the right place. Let us introduce you to the how and the why of using Facebook dynamic ads in eCommerce.

What are dynamic ads on Facebook?

A dynamic ad is a marketing tool that lets you target the people that already viewed your product or visited your store, but haven’t made a purchase. For example, if a mother was distracted by her baby crying right before she bought your product, this type of ad will give her a second chance to do it. 

Dynamic ads work thanks to artificial intelligence. Using them on a highly functional marketing platform with billions of users such as Facebook makes it a great tool for converting the ‘almost-customers’. 

Basically, sellers create ad templates for their products, individually or just one, and use them to target the leads with what they viewed and push them to complete their purchase.

This all sounds amazing, but how can you create smart dynamic ads that work?

Smart dynamic ads feature to revolutionize your store

Just using dynamic ads won’t work – you need to make smart and deeply personalized ads that will appeal to your leads and convince them to buy. Creatopy’s dynamic ads feature is perfect for this. It will help you match the right message with the right customer to increase conversions for your eCommerce store. 

With Creatopy, you can forget about those repetitive updates and manual republishing. You need to only update your feed and the dynamic ads will do the rest. With Creatopy, you get more time, more control, and a lot of flexibility.

This feature offers you endless variations of any creative. It will connect the main design you have as a layout with the data feed. Basically, you can use it to run your eCommerce campaign with a product list of any size without investing tons of time or effort into it. 

How Facebook dynamic ads revolutionize eCommerce

Now that you know how to create the best ads, let’s move on to the reasons why. At this point, you’re probably wondering – why Facebook? This is by far not the only place for retailers to push this type of ad. 

The reason why Facebook is so good for dynamic ads is that it serves so many potential customers. The ads on the platform use data feed to serve up millions of advertisements. To reach even more, you can push them to Audience Network and Instagram, which gives you an even wider reach. 

Here are the top ways in which Facebook dynamic ads are good for your retail store:

1. Will promote every product you sell

Creating ads for every product you have in your catalogue can take forever. There’s no need to waste so much time when you can dedicate it to something else, not when dynamic ads are an option. 

Facebook ads are generated for small to big inventories based on dynamic templates. Basically, you’ll be creating a single ad, and the platform will automatically draw the necessary information from your product data to serve it to your targeted audience. 

What does this mean?

It means that Facebook uses AI to figure out the title, availability, price, and other important information for every product you sell on its own. It does this continuously, so it will catch updates and changes without your input. It’s a fast, effective, and automated way to sell everything with a single template. 

2. Highly likely to lead to conversion

The nature of dynamic ads makes them the most likely form of paid advertisement to convert a lead into a customer. After all, these ads are shown to people who have already shown interest in your products or store. Thanks to intelligent algorithms, tons of audience information, and detailed traffic, Facebook dynamic ads are much more likely to convert a lead.

Those ads take it to the extreme and show the exact product that your audience has an interest in. Consider it a slight push in the right direction – the ads remove that small doubt that existed the first time the customer saw the product, or give them another chance to buy something they missed.

3. Retargeting store audiences at different stages of the sales funnel

The thing that distinguishes a dynamic ad from traditional banner ads most is its power for retargeting your store’s existing audience. While traditional advertisements target random people based on algorithms and behaviors, dynamic ads target the ones that already know of your business. 

Dynamic advertisements also allow for more flexibility. You can customize the templates by choosing things like product interests, but also target them based on the stage of the sales funnel they are currently in. 

How does this work?

Let’s say that a prospective buyer opened a product page in your retail store. Or, they signed up for your newsletter. However, for some reason, they abandoned the cart. You can target them with dynamic ads at any of these points. 

That’s what makes them different from traditional advertisements.

4. More control over your campaign’s performance

This reason is probably the most important reason to use dynamic ads on Facebook. As one of the best social platforms with the most users in the world, Facebook gives marketers and retailers a great deal of control over the performance of their marketing campaigns. 

If you use Facebook to market your products, you’ll get access to many tools and features. You can use them to optimize the performance of your campaign and the ads you are using. These features will give you data to better understand your audience, and the chance to test how different settings impact your store’s success.

5. Works across different devices

Finally, Facebook dynamic ads have an incredible reach, and we aren’t only referring to the big user database of the platform. We are talking about devices and the fact that these ads work perfectly on mobile as well as on desktop.

For your retail store, this means that you’ll get tailored advertising on all devices. Seeing how 66.7% of Brits buying things online do this from their phones, using ads on Facebook gives you a much wider reach.

Facebook will get your ads to the right people, on the right device, in the right format – and in real-time!

Extra tips on how to optimize dynamic ads on Facebook

Let’s wrap this up with some useful tips that will help you optimize your dynamic ads on Facebook:

  • Keep it relevant. Trying to sell something to people that have viewed your pages months ago won’t be very productive. Keep your retargeting fresh and relevant – perhaps up to a month after they saw your product?
  • Separate your users. One great way to segment the users is to split them between people that already added something to their cart and those that only viewed the product. The first group will probably be easier to convert, so they need a small push like a discount or even a reminder. The latter will need more information in addition to these incentives.
  • Show related products. Ads sell related products to the ones that customers bought or showed interest in for a reason – they are likely to want these items. So, don’t just show the products people viewed. Offer them something related, too.

Are you ready to try dynamic ads on Facebook?

As you learned here, Facebook dynamic ads are a game-changer for many retail stores these days. They have the power to target the audience with the biggest potential and save you a great deal of time and effort in the process. 

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