10 Essential HR Toolkits for Small Business

Having an HR Toolkit for small business owners is vital

You’ll need to be a leader, an owner, a salesman, a strategist, and a human resources expert all rolled into one as a small company owner. On a particular day, you can be responsible for anything from billing to welcoming new customers.

It’s easy to put off human resources duties like new hire orientation and training when you’re strapped for time and money. That’s why it’s important to provide small company managers and owners with access to human resources materials.

Nevertheless, you should be the one to manage all the moving parts if you want your firm to succeed, and no one else can do these things.

We’ve got you covered since you’re having problems wading through the murky seas of human resources. For young company owners who aren’t HR experts or who are too engaged in leading, we’ve compiled a list of some must-have Human Resource Toolkits that will prove to be super handy.

What defines an HR toolkit

The Human Resources (HR) toolset you create for yourself, and your company will be a collection of resources designed to facilitate HR-related tasks

It can take the form of a collection of tools designed to facilitate HR processes inside a business. Some of these programs focus on more general HR functions, while others are better equipped to handle more specialized and strategic tasks like employee onboarding or performance management. 

These are meant to facilitate your work by connecting you to a centralized hub of relevant human resources data. You can rely on these tools to help you in your role as a supervisor or manager each day.

So why should you as a business owner have an HR toolkit

Getting a fledgling organization off the ground is no easy task. To put your small company in order, an HR Toolkit is the one item you need.

It releases you from the shackles of time-consuming internet research into the whys and hows of formulating company policy, writing job descriptions, implementing performance management systems, etc.

Your business will be able to function at peak efficiency with the help of the HR tools you have access to. Employees are motivated to work harder and better thanks to the clever integration of a performance management system method, employee remuneration, and incentives and recognition modules.

10 best HR toolkits that will make human resource management a much easier task for you

Agendrix HR software

Agendrix HR software  for managing employees that streamlines tasks like scheduling, timekeeping, and internal communication. The software facilitates the implementation of management practices that boost employee engagement and job satisfaction in organizations. 

Creating your first schedule takes less than 5 minutes. Your staff members can check their schedules on the go using their computers or smartphones (iOS or Android). 

Maintain a unified database for tracking staff schedules, preferences, leaves, replacements, and limitations. Your staff can make and send requests using the app independently, with your only involvement being to evaluate and approve them. 

Timesheets are updated in real-time as the clock records the start, break, and end timings of each work period. Import timesheet data from workers into your preferred payroll system. Use a secure internal messaging system to have private or group conversations with your staff in a professional setting.


Slack is a popular messaging app with the aim of improving the workplace experience for whole teams. Its user-friendliness stems from the fact that its UI is very similar to that of popular messaging applications. It’s easy to contact others, share data, and even conduct video chats. 

Channels categorize all your conversations according to whichever criteria you see fit subjects, projects, teams, departments, or anything else. 

The human resources department can benefit greatly from using Slack because of its ability to provide a more streamlined onboarding procedure for new hires. 

Use this app to quickly and easily onboard new employees, educate them on the ins and outs of the company’s culture, disseminate relevant information, and address any queries they can have

Slack’s search feature makes it simple to look through conversations and locate specific messages, so you never have to worry about losing important data. 

It’s also an excellent tool for project administration since you can include other parties like clients, stakeholders, and collaborators in your conversations.


Human resource managers can be found using Bambee. Managers are responsible for all the duties typical of an in-house human resources department, such as advertising for new positions, interviewing and hiring candidates, orienting new employees, developing and enforcing policies, ensuring legal and regulatory compliance, and keeping detailed records. 

It enables businesses of any size or financial standing to get access to the outsourcing human resources support they need for expansion. There are no obligations to sign, and the free trial is excellent. Hiring a reliable human resources (HR) specialist is now simpler than ever.

Zoho People

HR departments can benefit from Zoho People, a human resource management system hosted in the cloud. Although it was created with SMBs in mind, it is flexible enough to meet the needs of larger enterprises as well. 

Tracking leaves, managing timesheets, making custom forms, handling performance reviews, and more are all possible with the platform’s many capabilities.

It isn’t as feature-rich as its rivals, but it’s a lot more open and easier to use. It allows your HR department to devote more time to strategic initiatives by automating routine tasks like hiring new employees.


Sapling is a versatile software solution that can be integrated with Xero, Asana, Slack, and Google Drive, making it ideal for small, expanding enterprises. 

As a result, businesses can now design custom procedures and workflows for handling HR-related activities. Sapling, for instance, can be used to design a process for orienting new employees. 

They can complete the whole onboarding process digitally with little to no assistance from HR, which will save time and help workers stay focused on their work.

In addition to onboarding, Sapling can assist with offboarding, salary, and vacation scheduling that will be super ideal when you start your dropshipping business in UK.

Symphony Talent 

The Total Recruitment Marketing platform that is Symphony Talent has won several awards. This tool assists businesses in attracting, engaging, nurturing, and converting potential employees into qualified applications.

A centralized management platform that can automate and track recruitment processes is utilized for this. Candidates who have been identified, vetted, and found to be qualified can be housed here. It is simple to keep tabs on the candidate’s progress and communicate your findings to higher ups.

SHRM employee handbook builder

A well-written employee handbook is an easy and effective approach to convey company rules and expectations uniformly to all staff members. SHRM Employee Handbook Builder offers just that. The employee handbook serves as holy scripture for 87% of medium-sized businesses.

If an employee has a legal problem, it can be used as a reference and even as a basis for settlement discussions. Human resource professionals might benefit from using the SHRM’s online template to create a customized manual.


After seeing how difficult it was to onboard new employees, they developed Workbright, a human resource management platform. 

It works by letting users build digital repositories of onboarding materials, such as checklists and guides, which can then be shared entirely without requiring physical proximity to the recipient. 

This streamlines the HR process by making necessary paperwork readily available to new recruits and by eliminating the monotonous, time-consuming procedures that take up HR specialists’ days.

Workbright’s software facilitates an up-to-date and functional process for new hire orientation. Fingerprint authentication, camera uploads, application tracking integrations, and mobile compatibility are just a few of their handy features.


As soon as they set foot in the office or log on to begin working, your workers get immersed in the business culture. A great way to get things off to a good start is to provide them with a human resources tool that will help them become productive members of the team straight away.

There’s plenty of room for Bonusly there. Bonusly is an employee recognition program that fosters an environment where employees feel valued and appreciated, and where they can expect to be rewarded for their efforts.

Bonusly, a popular among human resources professionals worldwide, allows workers to earn points toward rewards like merchandise, cash, or prepaid cards.

It’s enjoyable to use, simple to master, and has the potential to foster a great deal of goodwill across groups, between divisions, and amongst colleagues. In addition, it provides a glimpse into the fantastic work being done by your coworkers.

Breezy HR

Another H.R. management platform, Breezy HR serves enterprises of all sizes. Breezy’s ability to work in tandem with your current suite of HR software is a major selling factor. 

Don’t be concerned about any lost information as a result of the migration and integration processes. Easy-breezy handles everything mechanically.

The scope of this activity goes beyond only recruiting. The present staff can be monitored and contact with them simplified. It also integrates flawlessly with social networks like LinkedIn and AngelList to help you recruit top-tier employees.

Make your business flourish with these HR toolkits

Managing employees, payroll, time-off requests, and all these can be consuming. If you’re operating a small business and are looking to elevate management for efficiency and effectiveness, these HR toolkits that we have reviewed above are a no-brainer. And, if you’re a foreign national in UK, here’s how you can start a business.

Some of these will help you process HR operations much easier and in an organized manner. One of the major benefits is that they will help you formulate and improve existing relationships with your employees, ultimately helping you in retaining talent and nurture development.