How to Use Podcasts as a Tool to Grow Your Business

There are many types of content a business can use to achieve numerous sales, marketing, and customer experience goals. While it used to be that digital marketers would focus predominantly on written content or social media management, or simply one tactic at a time, in recent years content diversification is what builds a competitive edge and modernises a business from a marketing perspective.

Simply put, diversifying your content offering allows you to cast a wider net and tap into various different audience pools across a myriad of platforms. However, one of the content types you might not have considered before are podcasts.

Podcasts are extremely popular nowadays, and can be a powerful addition to your growth strategy. Here’s how to use podcasts as a tool to grow your business in 2023.

Build a Dedicated Podcast Website 

Having an online presence across a myriad of platforms is essential for brand visibility and awareness, and you mustn’t forget that your website is an important part of that. When it comes to podcasts, you want to make them available to your audience by promoting them across the social media world, and by publishing them on popular podcast streaming platforms. For an overview of some of the top podcasting platforms see this comparison by Wiredclip

That said, you also want to host your podcasts on a dedicated, branded platform – your site. Now, you have a choice here. Should you create a podcast page on your existing site, or should you build a dedicated podcast website where your visitors can immerse themselves in all your podcast content?

While there is no right or wrong here, keep in mind that you have an opportunity here to build a popular new podcast website to maximise the potential of your content. Instead of trying to lead visitors to your podcast page on an already crowded website, consider launching a dedicated site to improve branding and trust. 

Start Following Inspirational Podcasts

One of the best ways to find inspiration for your new podcast is to start following popular podcasts in your industry, but also in a variety of different sectors. While the latter might not have a direct impact on your own podcast, it will prove invaluable during brainstorming and for collecting the many tips, tricks, and best practices when it comes to production, sound, hosting, pacing, and the format itself.

If you’re launching a podcast for your marketing agency, then make sure to subscribe to a marketing podcast and then make sure to research and analyse complementary podcasts. You can then expand your research into general business podcasts, growth hacking, investing, and more. 

This wide-angle approach will allow you to come up with your unique twist and brainstorm exciting new topics.

Get Featured on Authority Websites

If you want to expand your reach and get more people to find out about your podcast, and thus your brand, you want to get featured on authority websites in your industry and beyond. Think of it as creating quality guest posts for your amazing content and as a way to publish your podcasts or get shout-outs from the big names in the online world.

You can research popular podcasters and offer a shout-out exchange in your podcasts, or you can get your new podcast episode featured directly on their website in exchange for their podcast being featured on yours.

Welcome Feedback from Your Audience

Feedback is crucial for business success regardless of the marketing strategy you use, but when it comes to podcasts, it can make all the difference. Your podcast will not be perfect no matter how much you research and prepare, but it can reach its full potential if you make sure to take audience feedback to heart.

Listening to your audience will allow you to support your customers and their needs and create a better podcast that they will not only enjoy, but also share across the web. More importantly for your sales goals, feedback will tell you how to optimise your in-podcast ads, sales messaging, and CTAs.

Host Guests from Various Sectors

Lastly, be sure to keep things fresh by diversifying your topics and by bringing in authority figures from your industry and different sectors. Remember, people don’t want to tune in every week to listen to the same presenters no matter how knowledgeable and entertaining they are.

They want variety, and not only that, but they want you to host other authority figures that they already follow on social media and across the web. These can be people leading their own customer experience podcasts, or podcasts about general business management and beyond. Bringing these experts in will show how committed you are to delivering value and relevant content, which will boost your viewership, engagement, and lead generation. 

Over to You

Focusing on producing podcasts can be a powerful way to engage new audiences, enter new online platforms and markets, and build your brand’s visibility, authority, and trust in a competitive industry. Be sure to use these best practices to make podcasts the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, and watch as you start attracting more loyal brand followers and customers.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash