5 Ways to Grow Your Business Using Social Media

Are you looking for a way to jumpstart your small business and gain more customers? If you’re not already using social media for this task, it’s time you jumped on board and joined the trend.

Why? Because everybody’s on social media. Most people use it every day and can’t be separated from popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In addition, if you’re a small business, you might not have a lot of money in the traditional marketing fund. The good news is that social media is free and easy to utilise for digital marketing.

Here are five ways to grow your business using social media.

1. Interact with Your Customers

It can be difficult to answer questions and chat with customers just on your website. They’ll have to send emails and the response rate isn’t quick. The great thing about social media is that it was created for interaction. Your business page is the ideal way to talk to your customers and answer their queries. You can show you care and this personal experience can help to grow your reputation. 

2. Build Brand Awareness

If you’ve got the budget, consider investing in social media influence. This is somebody that is viewed as a celebrity or personality online and they can advertise your products for you. Their followers can view and find out about your product, learning about your brand. The end goal is that they visit your website and make a purchase. In particular, this is a good strategy for attracting teenagers and younger adults.

3. Tell Your Story

If you’re a small business, chances are, you have a good story behind your product. This story can be difficult to get out there just using your website. Instead, you can get your message to go viral on social media. You can tell your story and people can share it with their friends. Your message can get out there far and wide. For example, take a look at Tej Kohli and his story for inspiration.

4. Drive Traffic to Your Website

One of the biggest things you can do on social platforms is to drive the audience to your website. You can do this with adverts, offers and interaction on social media. Simply make sure you link your website or e-commerce store and your audience will be able to click through and make purchases. Those that use social media every day are more likely to find you there since they might not be searching on Google.

5. Share Blogs and Videos

In today’s world, customers are looking to do more than just purchase products. They’re a lot more loyal now and want to choose brands that they believe in. You can share your message through blogs and videos. Of course, these should already be a part of your website marketing. But you can increase their reach by linking them to your social media pages. When people spend so much time on popular social media platforms, they’re more likely to click and read articles there than anywhere else.