6 Amazing Business Casual Raincoats

Raincoats are not just handy outerwear during rainy weather, they are also a way of transforming any outfit. They protect your clothes from getting soaked in the rain and drizzle, keeping you dry and comfortable beneath them. An investment raincoat will add a touch of timeless style to any outfit. 

Raincoat technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. Earlier raincoat designs were either bulky or inflexible, which restricted the movement of the wearers. Thanks to innovations in the garment industry, raincoats have just taken on a more versatile role than just keeping you dry. Now, there are many raincoat designs that are breathable and fashionable which can allow you to take them anywhere. To help you with your raincoat options, we’ll check out 6 amazing business casual raincoat styles below as you read on.

All-Weather Coat/Jacket

Speaking of versatility, this type of raincoat has a timeless fashion appeal. Whatever the season or weather may be, this jacket is great to wear anytime, anywhere. Whether you are going around the city or going to work, an all-weather coat can help protect you from the sun’s sweltering heat and the rain’s soaking and sickening drops. It provides the wearer water-resistance and comfort, making it a great all-around wear.

trench coatThe Classic Trench Coat

The classic trench coat is the epitome of timeless style. Originally used by soldiers during the First World War, this coat gained practical use during the postwar era as fashionable rainwear. Trench coats have a simple and functional design, with its long, flowing design that keeps you from getting drenched in the rain and its spacious pockets which not only keep small items, they also serve as insulation for your hands during chilly rains.

This type of rainwear never goes out of style wherever you may go around the city, making it a good candidate for a business casual raincoat.

Rain Jackets

Rain jackets are specially designed for being waterproof and for keeping the wearer dry. While some rain protection jackets look out of place in the city, some also have a great and simplified design for casual or business casual use. Hip, mid-thigh and long rain jacket designs have been improved by some renowned jacket and outdoor wear companies such as Patagonia, REI, and Columbia. When it comes to aesthetics, these jackets can be worn without standing out from any crowd.

Technical Performance Jackets

These jackets are primarily designed for athletes and active outdoor wearers even during rainy days. Its design keeps both comfort and waterproofing in mind, so you can wear the jacket to work up a sweat even during rainy and humid days and still get to feel breezy like not wearing a jacket at all. Its sleek, monochromatic design makes you blend well with crowds, making it a great jacket to bring around the city.

Waxed Cotton Raincoat

For those who want to get out of the “plasticky” feel of standard raincoats, this is the right type of raincoat for you. It doesn’t have an uncomfortable or abrasive feel of plastic on your skin, making it comfortable to slip in and out of as you like. The fabric is made of waxed cotton, which makes the raincoat pleasant to wear and retains its lightweight quality even under a heavy downpour. It also has a vintage and timeless look, which gives a sense of elegance and sophistication to the wearer. Another good thing about a waxed cotton raincoat is that you can reinforce or refresh the waterproofing at any time through a special fabric treatment, which makes this jacket great for long-term use.

Waterproof Cotton Hunting Coat

This stylish raincoat type isn’t just limited to outdoor use, in the wilds of the countryside. It can also be used in the urban jungle as well. Yep, this raincoat type was generally used by hunters due to its durability and functional design. Its fashion sense has evolved and made it a smooth and business casual-looking rain gear fit for the on-the-go professional. Aside from its comfortable and smooth, treated cotton fabric, this garment has a host of pockets, so you don’t need to lug around a heavy handbag. There is space for all of your essentials, including the phone, purse, some make-up and a notebook. 

When it comes to considering your business casual raincoat, it comes down to a balance of looking good alongside comfort and functionality. If you are looking for an investment purchase that will last several seasons, then go for a neutral colour that is less likely to look dated. Look for qualities that can make it great to wear in any situation, without being uncomfortable in the process. A simple, lightweight design can let you be confident in wearing your raincoat around the city no matter how hard the downpour.