7 Tips to Promote your Business

You can build the best business model in the world, but it’s not much good if no-one knows about it!   Here are our top 7 tips to help you promote your business and spread the word.

  1. PR can be free if you have a good story. There are literally thousands of magazines both on and offline- all hungry for interesting news and snippets to fill their pages.
  2. Produce a monthly newsletter circulate it to potential and existing customers. Use a free email list manager like Mailchimp to keep track of user statistics.
  3. You are an expert in your area of business so get out there and share!  Give talks, write articles, enter awards, spread the word about you and your business for free. Never go out without a business card.
  4. Get a good corporate image and replicate it across everything that is on view to the outside world, literature, website and even your car!
  5. Your name has to be seen seven times before it is remembered so don’t give up!
  6. Set a marketing budget and be really mean with it. Should you really advertise or can you direct mail your potential customers at lower cost with better results?
  7. Use social media, like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin to reinforce your message and to build relationships with customers.

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  1. Nice tips, just to add more to the list – Promoting organically to rank on Google keyword searches will return the site with huge visitors. Technically this process is well known as SEO – “Search Engine Optimization”.


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