Change Your Career or Start Your Own Business?

There are times in life when you need to evaluate where you want your career to be going. You may have been made redundant, or maybe you are returning to work after the children have started school. Whatever the reason for this change in career, you do need to see it for what it is: a golden opportunity.

What do you like?

Update your CV in anticipation, but before you send it anywhere, get a highlighter and mark off the duties of your previous roles that you enjoyed. Use an alternative colour to highlight areas that you did not enjoy. You will see a pattern as to which tasks you liked, and which are to be avoided in future roles. Use this time for some intense introspection and find out what makes you tick; see what areas you are interested in; what job you should pursue; and whether you’re qualified.

Get motivated

The skills that you have developed over your career path will be transferable into other areas. You should not be afraid of using them. Once you have an idea of your areas of interest, you could also look more closely at using your skills to start a business in your chosen field.

Attitude can equal if not transcend skills when it comes to both getting a job or starting a business. As long is skills training of coaching is an option, the energetic and enthusiastic person can be a much more appealing prospect than someone who is experienced but jaded. If you are starting your own business, full-on enthusiasm is not a choice, it is a necessity. It always helps to do something you are passionate about, then the enthusiasm comes naturally. That’s the case for a corporate career as well – genuine love for your chosen field will shine through.

Get connected

Use the internet to get connected. You may already be on LinkedIn, but if not, get on it. You will be able to find out who the movers and shakers are in your chosen field. The great thing about LinkedIn is that you can have access to the very people that make the decisions. People can be very keen to talk about themselves and their roles, and so there is no harm in approaching people for career advice or guidance, as long as you respect them when they say they can’t help.

Get planning

Having researched the field you would like to go into, and gained as much industry relevant advice, you may decide you want to start your own business to satisfy your career needs: you need to get planning. You need to get fully prepared for your new career journey; therefore, you need to document your business plan carefully.

Your business plan needs to state your business goals and objectives, and how you are going to achieve them. You need to have goals to give you something to work towards. A generic goal of making a profit is too vague; therefore, state the amount you want to be in profit by, and define your objectives to help you reach it.

Changing career, either by choice or because you’ve had your hand forced, can feel overwhelming, but taking the time to understand exactly what you like doing and what you want from life can inspire you. Your inspiration may lead you to start your own business – use this opportunity to get what you want!

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