Destination London: business travel advice for your event

At some time or another you may need to bring the people involved in your business or industry together. If they are spread across the country or even the world, then you’ll have to compromise on a location that is essentially a hub connecting all of the spokes.

In Britain, the only workable hub is London. In the absence of a coherent rail, air or bus network, London is the only point where all routes lead. London is also a hub for the world’s transport. So chances are at some point you will be organising a meeting or an event in the UK’s capital.

Event logistics

London has almost twice the population of Scotland. There are more people living in London than Scotland and Wales combined. It’s a huge, complicated metropolis. The thought of organising an event there can feel overwhelming. So the first thing to remember with anything complicated is: keep it simple.

In London that means keeping all activities closely located. Make sure that your meeting venue, hotels, eateries and entertainment are all located reasonably close together. Tripadvisor is a great tool for finding and plotting all of these elements. And it’s not as difficult as it may seem: central London is surprisingly compact, with the National Gallery, Covent Garden and Westminster Abbey visits just minutes apart from each other.

Getting there

Here are the main options for travelling to the capital.


If you are coming from overseas or you are trying to reach London quickly from elsewhere in the UK, then flying is a good option. This is because London has a total of 6 airports to choose from:

  • Stansted
  • Luton
  • Heathrow
  • London City
  • Gatwick
  • Southend


Train is also a good option because London is so well-connected with several major stations. Additionally, if you fly then you can reach the city from the airport by train which is a fast and efficient way of travelling into London and back to the airport, such as London Bridge to Luton.


Following this, if you are coming from Europe then the Eurostar is an excellent option. This is because it is so fast and easy and it can bring you straight into the heart of the capital.

Ways to Get Around

These are all great ways to arrive in London for business, but how do you then get around? The public transport available in London is superb but it is helpful if you know the best way to reach your destination. Most travel options now accept contactless card payments or if you’re coming from overseas you can save money and avoid currency fees by purchasing an oyster card for public transport. The main options include:

Underground: London is brilliantly connected by the Underground which is a fast and affordable way to get around the capital. You never have to wait long for a tube but keep in mind that it can be incredibly busy, especially during peak times.

Bus: The bus is a great way to save money but keep in mind that it is much slower and you need to plan your route in advance.

Taxi: If you want comfort then a black cab is probably your best option and a great way to get dropped straight at your destination. It will be expensive compared to public transport and it might take some time to hail a cab in busy areas.

Uber: Uber is another comfortable and efficient way to get around London and often much cheaper than a cab. You also do not have the competition of trying to flag one down and it should not take too long to find an available driver near you.

As you can see, London is the obvious central hub for your business meeting or event. It is the easiest place to bring the greatest number of people together. With a little time upfront to organise logistics and travel, destination London is hard to beat.