Business Travel: 8 of the Best Spots in London for Your Next Visit

Now that the horror of endless Zoom meetings is almost over, hopefully, it’s time to get back to planning meetings in person. And why settle for dull or routine, when you could make these in-person business meetings much more interesting and creative.

An unusual meeting isn’t just more interesting for you, it’s also more likely to result in a positive relationship with your customer or partner.

Here are 8 ideas for more interesting business meetings in London. The places are specific but the ideas are transferable to almost any other city.

Where to Meet and Stay

Instead of hiring an office for the day, as many do, why not invite your contact to meet you somewhere a bit more unusual. Covent Garden is spectacular, with market stalls, performers of all types going through their routines, and thousands of small unique shops. Pick a meeting point deep inside the area, and then get there early, so as to have time to look around before getting down to business.

When it comes to accommodation, you want prime locations with easy tube line access. It might also be beneficial to book somewhere with a concierge who can assist with travel across the city, and a dedicated workspace. Check out London apart hotels here who offer central and suburb locations, perfect for business stays.

Walking Meeting

With a growing understanding of the dangers of sitting all day long, walking meetings are becoming more common. Why not get your counterpart to meet you somewhere central: somewhere iconic like Trafalgar Square is ideal as it is instantly recognisable, the square is small enough to easily see new arrivals, and you could head in almost any direction for a fascinating walk while you discuss your business proposal.

Pub, Anyone?

Once you have chewed the fat and come to a mutually agreeable decision, why not head out to one of London’s many iconic pubs? There are well over three thousand pubs, all offering unique experiences to tourists and locals alike. Enjoying a pint or a glass of wine in a London pub is an excellent way to feel embedded in the local culture.

Or Something a Bit More Upmarket?

If the homely ordinariness of a pub doesn’t appeal to you, opt for one of the several roof-top bars that the capital boasts. High-end cocktails – a mouthful of delicious frothy alcohol for an eye-watering price! – are teamed with a fabulous location, excellent company and superb facilities to create wonderful memories for visitors.

Eating Out Like a Local

When you are a visitor to London, many people will say that you ‘must try’ the fish and chips – and they’re not wrong! Piping hot chips, crisply battered succulent fish and a side of peas – whether fresh or mushy – can be a real treat, especially when you eat it sitting on a bench watching the world go by! Or, if it is too cold for that, you can always take it back to your accommodation to enjoy the warmth.

Or Go for International Gastronomy!

But London is also home to superb international standard restaurants under the aegis of chefs from all over the world. Do try to ensure that at least one of your meals during your stay is an example of the best of haute cuisine, so that you can experience the full range of London’s culinary expertise.

Meet at a Landmark

The sightseeing areas of London tend to be quite small within the vast grey ocean that is the city, so opting to meet beside Big Ben, near Tower Bridge, or in the grounds of St Pauls – to name just a few examples – make sense when you are meeting a comparative stranger. Once you have met up, you can decide from there where to go in order to discuss your business – and your business acquaintance will almost certainly know some good places to go if they have lived in London for any length of time.

At Your Place!

The beauty of using aparthotels rather than hotel rooms is that it gives you somewhere to hold meetings. Not only will you feel more in control when you are hosting the meeting, but a beautifully presented apartment will give your business contact an excellent impression of you.