Easy Steps to a Tidy and Clutter-Free Home 

Think that keeping your house clean is a backbreaking ordeal? It doesn’t need to be. This articles outlines some useful tips that can help you to not only get your place in order but also reap additional benefits. 

The ability to keep a home clean and tidy isn’t some inborn quality but a skill that can be learned and polished throughout life. Just give the ‘clean’ person inside you a chance to practice and improve this skill, and you’ll see that such chores as mopping, dusting, and washing up can actually be fun or at least less dreary.

Cleaning is also found to be a stress reliever and a great source of mindfulness. Sometimes there is nothing to match the satisfaction of an immaculate kitchen!

Below are some simple guidelines that can help you maintain a tidy space and keep your home organized without much effort. 

Create a Cleaning Schedule 

It might sound boring and intimidating, but cleanliness requires a system. And the onus is on you to create a cleaning schedule and stick to it. For example, get into the habit of daily cleaning routines, like clearing and wiping kitchen surfaces before you get to bed. Maybe have a weekly session where you vaccuum and clean floors while a favourite radio show plays. This way, you’ll prevent your chores from piling up and spare yourself the bother of scouring the ingrained dirt off your tile or doing two weeks’ worth of laundry all at once. 

With a workable protocol in place, you can streamline your cleaning tasks and keep dirt, dust, and clutter at bay. Also, be ready for small cleaning exploits every day to make sure none of the important chores gets skipped.

Get Help 

Even with a workable schedule in place, it’s not always possible to maintain the level of cleanliness you’re aspiring to. There are times when we can barely spare a couple of minutes to give our bathroom mirror a quick wipe, let alone clean the whole house. And if things have been left to slip for a while then getting started for the first time can feel overwhelming and you might need to look into reliable dumpster rentals to have a big clear out first.

That’s also where professional cleaning services come in helpful. Your local domestic cleaning company can get the job done for you within the shortest time possible and allow you to enjoy the freshness and cleanliness of your home without breaking your back. They can also often provide a one-off deep cleaning service to get you started, so that all you need to do it then maintain it. All you need to do is decide on the cleaning services needed and book a suitable time.   

Organize Your Space 

Very often, lots of our stuff ends up on your chairs, sofas, and other visible places where it doesn’t originally belong. Not only does this create a clutter but also makes it more difficult to find the right thing and spare more space for new items amidst disarray. With this in mind, you should always declutter regularly and make sure your things don’t pile up in the corners or on the floor. Also, make it a rule to get rid of the items you don’t use or need anymore. This way, you’ll keep your home tidy and organized.

Keep Your Surfaces Smooth 

All tidy homes share one important commonality: they have clean, empty surfaces. And that’s where things can get tough. Surfaces like countertops, shelves, and coffee tables seem to be doomed to invite litter. They act as magnets for cups, random knick-knacks, junk mail, and whatnot. But if your goal is a neat home, you should definitely break this tendency. Invest in some organizers and storage containers where you can stash the items cluttering your surfaces. Use other spaces in your house, e.g., niches and closets, for storage. This will go a long way in helping you keep all flat surfaces smooth and clear and create the effect of extra spaciousness in your home.   

Clean on the Cheap 

If you think that a thorough clean requires hefty costs, think again. You might be surprised to learn that lots of people procrastinate on their cleaning duties simply because they think they don’t have the necessary supplies at hand. But in reality, you don’t even need expensive commercial cleaners to tackle the stubborn grime or pesky streaks on glass surfaces. It’s also not necessary to invest in innovative devices that promise to deep clean your whole home in the blink of an eye. You can successfully handle grime and dirt with multi-purpose homemade cleaners. All you need is some vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. You can use the same solution for degreasing your oven and removing limescale. Something as simple as a coffee filter, rubbing alcohol, and ammonia can help you tackle dirty glass surfaces without leaving streaks. Castile soap and some citrus essential oil can make for a great dusting spray, while some lemon juice and olive oil can revive old furniture. 

So, stop inventing excuses to put off your cleaning. With these simple recommendations, you can put the lid on messes and clutter, benefit from a mindful routine, and enjoy the atmosphere of a well-organized and neat home.