5 Ways To Save Money On Home Cleaning

If you are running your own business or building a career, then the number one way to save money on home cleaning is to outsource it. The time you spend cleaning your home is time that could more valuably be spent focusing on work, family or fun. And at the same time you’ll be helping another woman (usually) to run her own business too.

But if you are one of those rare people who find cleaning mindful and therapeutic, ignore that advice. For mindful cleaners, doing your own dusting is cheaper than medication or therapy!

Whichever route is the most effective for you, there are still ways to cut costs. After all, cleaning should not clean you out! Here are our top 5 ways to save money on home cleaning.

1. Outsource your cleaning to professionals

Let’s look a bit more closely at exactly why paying someone else to clean your home can save you money. First, they are professionals, they are cleaning properly and deeply every day, so they are going to be much quicker than you. If you hire a cleaner for 3 hours per week, the same list of tasks would likely take you 5-6 hours. That’s a lot of time.

So how is that a saving?  If you run your own business, it frees you up to spend the best part of a day more on your business and generate more income. If you are building a career, it saves energy and stress so that you can focus more clearly and calmly on work, home and leisure. You’ll be better at what you do and more likely to see promotions and rewards.

If you’re not sure, just ask someone you know who has a cleaner. Nine times out of ten they will tell you it’s the best money they spend.

A professional cleaning company will offer a range of packages to suit your circumstances. Cleaning Services in the UK, including the ones provided by cleaners Oxford, often offer such package deals. Discounts are often available on regular service costs. 

2. Don’t Buy Home Cleaning Tools That You Don’t Need

There are almost innumerable tools and gadgets that supposedly make your life easy and keep your home clean and healthy. But home cleaning experts who know such devices and the cleaning needs of homes know well that most of such tools are often a waste of time and money. The fact of the matter is that you don’t need that many tools to keep your home sanitized and clean. The ones you do need are relatively simple, and you need to pair them with high-quality cleaning supplies. Accordingly, it makes little sense to splurge your money on tools that you hardly use. 

You will need a good vacuum cleaner, brushes and mops. After that, think very carefully.

3. You Need Not Dispose Of Expired Cleaning Supplies

We are all used to throwing away food and medicines, and other items once they have crossed the expiration date. While this is indeed a best practice, it is not necessarily essential for all kinds of things. And cleaning supplies fall into the latter category of products, and detergents don’t lose their effectiveness or become unsafe after the passing of the expiration date. The statement is especially valid for cleaning products that you have appropriately stored as per storage instructions. You can use cleaning products even if their expiration dates have passed. This will save you money too, and you prevent unnecessary wastage.

4. Concoct Cleaning Supplies Yourself

We can save much money we waste on buying cleaning supplies that we don’t need. We indeed need to do away with the dirt and stains that accumulate at different places in our homes. But it is also true that often we can prepare cleaning solutions that will work just as well ourselves.

Forget about expensive sprays; most things can be cleaned brilliantly with a micro-fibre cloth and either water, vinegar or bicarb. Hold on to your old tooth-brushes for tricky corners. Lots of online resources will guide you through the DIY home cleaning supply preparation method. 

5. Avoid Using Washing Machines Till You Can Fill It Completely

You can reduce your power bills by being more aware and more efficient when using a cleaning device like your washing machine. Using the latter only when you can fill it up with clothes that need to be cleaned helps save energy and water, leading to lesser expenses on both counts.

This principle is also valid while you use your dishwasher. Another neat little trick to save on energy bills as far as cleaning appliances are concerned is to clean only at night when the energy rates usually go down.

You can choose one or a mix of several methods to cut down on your cleaning expenses. If you are particularly keen on hiring professional services, keep in mind scrutinizing the team members’ experience and expertise. Some of the better cleaning services even offer guarantees for particular aspects of their service. Now, it saves to be clean!